Pezzini Farms

This past Sunday I went back home for my nephews birthday party and on the way home I stopped by Pezzini Farms and it is my favorite place ever. It is family owned and it attracts a lot of tourist. Castroville is known as the artichoke capital and Pezzini Farms has a few acres full of beautiful and delicious artichokes. This place carries local foods from different companies around the area. If you are ever in the Monterey area or traveling north or south, I really recommend you take a detour by the peninsula and go to Pezzini Farms.

Remember to love yourself.pezzini 3

My favorite are the Artichoke cupcakes, they taste so delicious. I promise you, you will love them. Everything you see here is beyond incredible, not seen are the variety of cookies they have.

pezzini 22

A little view of the store. They have delicious gourmet items and organic produce. I specifically love the strawberries.


The sign before you enter. This place is surrounded by beautiful fields.


The front of the store. Everyone is beyond nice and welcoming. You can also enjoy the outside and eat some food from a food truck. I recommend the fried artichoke hearts.


This place is scattered with beautiful succulent.


My son Leon.

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