Review: Where the light is (Kathleen Lights)


I’m so excited I have these 6 items from Kathleen Lights collection from Colour Pop. I seriously thought it would be sold out as soon as I decided to purchase them. Surprise! They were not sold out. I love supporting my favorite youtubers when they do collaborations. I swatched everything and I love it all, I might add some urban decay setting spray to my brush to intensify the color of the shadows for a dramatic look but you can also go for a soft look with them as well. You can shop the collection here and subscribe to Kathleen lights youtube channel here. I hope you enjoy this post.

Remember to always love yourself first.


Lippie six and Lippie Pencil both in Lumiere


I really love how they both match perfectly.

20151012_164952_resized                                            20151012_165041_resized


I love the pop of color the box has inside.


Shadow in the color KATHLEEN LIGHTS


Shadow in the color GLOW


Shadow in the color CORNELIOUS (my favorite)


Shadow in the color BLAZE

6 thoughts on “Review: Where the light is (Kathleen Lights)

    1. I just got this two days ago and I was lusting over it so I bought it. I was going to do a giveaway on this because everyone should have this but I don’t have enough followers yet. But thank you for commenting, means ALOT.


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