Pumpkin patch fun.

20151019_145226_resizedThe best thing about October is the pumpkin patches. My dad would always take my brothers, sister and I to pumpkin patches and I always had a blast and I will forever cherish those memories. Now San Francisco doesn’t have the best ones like my hometown of Salinas, CA. I could make the hour and half drive but, I don’t have the time because I work. I’m hoping that I can go to at least two pumpkin patches back home before the month is over because I want to take my son to the ones I would go to as a kid. Today was fun regardless of the location, my son Leon had a blast, their was a lot of jumping houses and so many pumpkins, they even had a little kiddie patch which I thought was very cute because they had small pumpkins. As soon as we got to the patch, my son just started running everywhere and he is about to be two next week, so he is at that age where he wants to explore which of course I don’t mind, I want his mind to be free. I can’t wait for this weekend because I will be taking my son to the SF zoo for some fun Halloween festivities. I hope all you readers enjoy the rest of your week. What do you love about October? And what are some of your favorite traditions?

Remember to always love yourself and have some confidence.







Shorts are from G by Guess, Booties are from the Bethany Mota collection, no longer available. Cardigan is from G by Guess, cross-body purse is Michael Kors.

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