Review: Champagne Glow Palette (Becca x Jaclyn Hill)


Hello my beauties. so today I thought I would do a little review on my newest baby, the Becca champagne glow palette featuring champagne pop. I really really love this trio, it’s really worth the hype and I can promise you all that you will fall in love with this. I kid you not, some of my customers at my job have been loving the glow that this palette has been giving me and they always ask, what em I wearing to have this beautiful glow. If you see it at Sephora or see that it’s available online still, GET IT!! I will link it only if it’s still available. If these photos aren’t enough for you to fall in love with, then feel free to ask and I will post more close UPS or whatever you would like to see. Thank you so much for reading.


I first applied the bronzed copper to the entire apple of my cheeks and I didn’t want it super dark because I wanted a very subtle look.


The bronzed copper is very pretty. It’s not the scary copper I assumed it would be. I really thought it was going to be like a really super, burned orange but it really isn’t, unless you add a lot of strokes.


To this side of the cheek I put on Pearl and it’s a really pretty color perfect for night time.

20151110_145023_resized  This side of my cheek I have Champagne pop on. I feel like this color is more appropriate for the day time. I do also own the champagne pop highlight on it’s own.


For this photo I did mix Pear and Champagne pop and I have to admit, I do prefer to mix them two because it just gives you the prettiest glow.

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