November Favorites




November flew by so fast, can’t believe December is here. I put up my Christmas tree two days before Thanksgiving because I couldn’t wait any longer. Now that November is over and black Friday madness is long gone, (I work in retail) I’m glad I can just relax for a while and start wrapping gifts and finish up my shopping. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. Happy December. Hope you enjoy some of my favorites.

Remember to always love yourself and be confident.


I’ve had this Tarte brush for almost a year now and I love it as much as I love my beauty blender. But I had to throw away my beauty blender and I’ve been using this foundation brush and I forgot how good it is, it really gives me a nice airbrushed look.


I received this Josie Maran argan oil last Christmas and it lasted me a long time. I love using it for my dry skin and I add it before I do my makeup, sometimes I put some on after I get out the shower and sleep with it so it can do it’s job overnight. I really recommend this to anyone. I love how it makes my skin look.


I’ve had this Cupcakes and cashmere book since it came out and I kid you not, I look at this book a million times. The photos are so pretty and it has so many good tips inside and its divided by seasons. But recently I’ve been reading the fall and winter section especially, to get some tips on gifting presents and how to properly right a thank you note. I really recommend this book to anyone, this will make a perfect gift as well. I really love the second book as well.


This necklace has been seeing a lot of sunlight because I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It goes with everything in my closet. This necklace is from my job and they don’t sell it anymore so I can’t share a link with you.


I live in San Francisco and its been so cold. These fuzzy socks have been keeping my feet very warm. You can find these pretty much anywhere.


This Essie polish in double breasted jacket has been on my nails for the whole month practically. I really love the color


These shoes have been my new obsession. I love these. They pretty much go with everything I wear. I bought these at a local store. Similar ones here

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