Current faves/Review


Hello lovely souls. Today I want to share some of my current faves because I won’t be doing a monthly favorites this month only because I haven’t bought stuff for myself recently. Everything you see is from minus the elf foundation. I’ve only been buying Christmas gifts for people. But, I did buy some clothes and now I’m so ready to post some outfit posts. So as always, I will be giving details about how these items have been working for me and they are all positive so that’s a good thing, right? Let me know down below what you’ve been loving and if you recommend anything as well. Thank you for reading. Stay Cozy.


e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation. (Porcelain)

My sister recommended me this foundation and I love it so much. It’s very lightweight and that’s what I always look for in a foundation, I hate heavy foundations. For me it lasts long everywhere in my face but, my nose which I don’t mind because that’s where I’m most oily and I have my powder for touch-UPS at all times. This is medium coverage. I purchased mine at Target for $6.09 which ain’t bad at all. You can also get it at their website and I’ve seen some at Old Navy as well.


Ulta Lip Gloss in the color (Spice)

I got this lip gloss for free when I purchased stuff at, they sent me a makeup bag full of travel size goodies and samples. I didn’t think I was going to love this lip gloss but, OMG! Its my new favorite, sorry to my BareMinerals lip gloss, Ha. It’s a nice pink color with a mauve twist, if that makes any sense and it has specs of gold glitter which ain’t that noticeable when on but it does give you a nice glossy look. I couldn’t find it in the website to provide a link for you, I’m sure you can find it in stores. This lip gloss smells like my birthday cake candle, very vanilla-y and it’s not sticky which I love.



Pür minerals

Sorry again, I couldn’t find a link to this, I ordered this at but I believe it was limited time only. Hopefully you guys can get your hands on it because it’s a really good palette and I love it. I love all the colors it provides. The highlights, blushes and bronzer are gorgeous, they have good pigmentation and are very buttery and soft. I’m very obsessed with the blush Marvelous and Unreal highlight.



Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray.

I love this spray, it’s my all time holy grail item. I love to spray this before and after my makeup. I ordered this at it was a twin pack and I believe it was limited time only but you can buy individually. You can also buy it at Sephora.


Real techniques complexion sponge.

I bought this at in a set for $10. I love this sponge. Its very soft and I love the slanted edge so I can get my under-eye area. I love better than the beauty blender.


Batiste dry shampoo

So I’ve heard a lot of good things about this dry shampoo on youtube and girls seem to love this so I thought I would give it a try finally. When I saw this at Marshalls I had to get it, I mean for five dollars when at my grocery they sell it for $8 I believe. I love this product but next time I will be getting the brunette version because they have them now, even for blondes. You can purchase this at Ulta, affordable at target as well. I also want to share a before and after photo of my second day hair. I really recommend this, I really want to try others as well.

before and after

This really did absorb the oil off my hair.


Vitabath body wash

I received this in my free goodie bag from ulta and this smells so good. Its cucumber and white tea and it smells so fresh, reminds me of spring for some reason. I need to see if they have it in full size because I want more. Its sulfate and baraben free which I love.

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