Kathleen Lights for Colour Pop

2016-01-08 15.03.10

I’m so happy to finally have the newest Kathleen Lights collection for Colour Pop. I ordered it the day it released which was December 26, I received my order January 7th. It took a little longer to receive it because Colour Pop was taking a break so on the 28th was when it was shipped. Anyways I’m not here to talk about my service. I really love this collection as much as the last one. What’s good about this collection is that it’s totally opposite from the last one, Where the light is. This collection is for “night time” but you can totally wear them during the daytime. All these colors are a metallic finish with specs of sparkle.Kathleen did a amazing job picking out all these colors, don’t get intimidated with Telepathy, I can guarantee once you put it on, you will fall in love like I did. If you’ve never tried colour pop shadows, they are very soft, smooth and a mousse like texture, you can easily apply them with your finger which in my opinion is better and after blend with a synthetic brush. Also the good thing about this quad is you don’t have to buy all four shadows together, you can now buy them individually as well as the last collection. I really love the Lippie stix from colour pop, they are very moisturizing and pigmented. I love both new colors from the collection, Kathleen really knows what she is doing when designing all the colors, from my research all the colors in this collection go with every skin tone. I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love your thoughts on this and I know I need to do a little better on my grammar, I promise I’m working on it. If you would love to see a post on the last collection, I posted one already if you want to read it.

Stay Beautiful.

Where the light is, quad, Lumière.

Where the night is, quad, Taurus, aquarius.

Kathleen Lights Youtube channel, here.


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