Colour pop mini haul/review


20160108_140504Hello beauties. Here is another Color pop review. I really wanted to order two colors that I do not own. I own a lot of neutral color eye shadows and I thought I would branch out of my comfort zone. So I decided to pick two colors I wouldn’t normally would wear just to test out. I’ve been wanting to buy a blue color eye shadow ever since I started wearing makeup but I just didn’t have to courage to buy one because I didn’t want to look like a hooker, (no offense) and I would always hear horrible stories about the, BLUE EYE SHADOW. Anyone else have stories or memories of blue eye shadow? Anyways, this is such a pretty color and I really want to do a Smokey eye and add a nice taupe, or caramel color to the crease and blend it out, I just have a great vision in my head wearing this pretty color. Also when I saw the green one it reminded me of a mermaid for some reason and I’ve always to own a pretty , shimmery green. I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with these two.  I can’t get enough of the Colour pop eye shadows, they are only $5 and the quality is amazing. I would love to know what are your favorite Colour pop shadows and which ones do you recommend? As well as the Lippie stix. Also have any of you tried the blushes and highlights? Let me know, I really want to try some. I hope you all enjoy this and I will post some looks on these two shadows within the week or so.


I really love this color. Doesn’t it remind you of a mermaids tail? Grab it here.


This color is not call Acquaintance, I have no idea how I came up with this HA, but this color is called ETIQUETTE, ( How embarrassing) sorry people. Find it, here.


As soon as I read the name on this color I know I would love it. It really looks like you just drank juice and stained your lips. Find the Lippie six, here.

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