Current obsessions. (Beauty)


Cutex nail polish remover: I’m very happy that I decided to try out a new nail polish remover, especially this one. It removes my nail polish fast even those stubborn red and black polishes. What I love about this nail polish remover is that it leaves my nails moisturized, soft and smelling good, that’s right smelling good. The smell starts off strong like any other regular remover and when using others I wash my hands right away but with this one you don’t have to because within a minute the smell fades into a somewhat decent fresh floral scent. If you have a little girl who loves painting her nails, I would really recommend you use this nail polish remover. You need to buy this to understand what I’m talking about.

Hello cuties. I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I know I’ve been lacking in the blogging department but I’m here now with a new post and I’m going to share some of the beauty products that I’m currently obsessed with and been using a lot lately. I hope you all enjoy this post. I would love to know what beauty, skincare products you have been loving. I’m really looking for new things to try and I would love your recommendations. Also I have a few changes on the giveaway. The prizes have changed because at first I couldn’t get my hands on the eye shadows I really wanted to buy so I bought something else. I really think you are all going to love the prizes, I’m still picking two winners and once I receive the prizes in the mail I will post all the rules for the giveaway. I’m really sorry I had to change the prizes but stay tuned. Make sure to follow me on twitter @_im_jeanette and my instagram @JEA_STYLE to stay updated on the giveaway. I should be receiving them the latest Monday. Thank you for your patience.


Josie Maran argan sugar balm body scrub: I recently purchased this set at Sephora. I love this body scrub. Its very rich and moisturizing. It really leaves my skin super soft. It smells very good. Once I’m done with this, I will be buying the full size. I only use this when I want to pamper myself. The softness lasts for three days, insane.


Josie Maran whipped argan oil: Now I know why everyone on youtube is obsessed with this stuff. This really keeps my legs hydrated and moisturized. My legs get really dry and itchy and I hate it. I tried this and I love how my legs feel after. Its a nice whipped texture and smooth. It has a nice scent to it. Definitely committing to the full size as well once this is empty.
Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil light: I love wearing this oil a lot especially after I wash my face at night because it gives my dry skin the oil it needs. Before adding my foundation I love to add a little under my eyes, and my T-zone since those are the most drying on my face. Once in a while I mix this with my foundation to give it a light and smooth texture, I don’t like thick foundations.

lip oil

Josie Maran Argan Infinity lip and cheek creamy oil: I’m very obsessed with this oil, I love to wear it by itself. I have yet tried it on my cheeks but when I do I will post about it and let you know how it worked out for me. Its not sticky at all, it smells good and its perfect for everyday. I also love mixing this with my velvet teddy matte lipstick.

nail polish

Formula X and Cupcakes and cashmere in Haute Sauce: This nail polish is so pretty. I love it so much. Its a perfect red. This is better than the other reds I own. Emily did a good job designing this color. I’m sad I couldn’t get the other two from her collection. Ever since I started wearing this color I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it. I love Emily and her blog. She is my favorite blogger and one of the first blogs I started reading back in 2009. Visit her blog here.

lip pencil

MAC LIP PENCIL IN SOAR: I love wearing this lip pencil on its own. I bought to pair with my velvet teddy lipstick but I prefer it now on its own. This color is very pigmented and it lasts long on my lips as well.


Wet n Wild coloricon OMBRE BLUSH: I finally found a blush color I love and it was only $4.99. I purchased this at target and I love it. It gives my cheeks a nice flushed look and I think it goes well with my skin tone. To achieve this color all you need is two strokes and you are good, this blush is very buildable to your liking and lasts all day.


Maybelline fit me concealer: I purchased my concealer in the color fair. I’ve seen a lot of youtube videos on this product and everyone seems to love it. Well what can I say, so do I. I’m going to stick this concealer from now on. It doesn’t crease under my eyes and it covers my dark circles perfectly. I can’t say anything negative about this.


Covergirl simply ageless foundation: OMG! I don’t think I’m ever using another foundation again. I love this foundation so much. Its full coverage and it doesn’t settle in the lines either. I hate how other foundations crease on me and emphasize my lines (wrinkles) under my eyes. This one doesn’t do that. When I saw the commercial for this foundation recently I decided to give it a go, (Thanks Ellen). I love how it gives my skin a nice airbrushed look as well. What I love most about it is that is lasts all day. Even through my workouts.

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