Monthly beauty buys

Monthly beauty buys.



Not that long ago my Real techniques miracle complexion sponge ripped and it lasted me 6months. I recently went to Sephora to purchase the Beauty Blender because I’ve never tried that one. I was always loyal to my Sonia Kashuk sponge and after a while switched to Real Techniques now, I thought I would switch it up to the famous Beauty Blender. I’m going to start a series about my monthly beauty buys and see how you all react to this monthly endeavor. I really hope you all enjoy this post. Also don’t forget to check out my giveaway. I’m changing the rules, you don’t have to comment on both my blog and instagram, one or the other is fine.


Beauty Blender: The color of this sponge is so fun and pretty. I love how it felt once I damped it, to me it didn’t feel like it sucked in all my foundation. I love how this sponge gave me a nice air-brushed look. Definitely going to purchase more in the future, as well as the micro-mini ones, they are so cute.


Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick: I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this liquid lipstick since the day it came out. I purchased it in the color Lolita and man was this hard to get a hold of. When I saw it I grabbed it because it was the last one. I didn’t want to order it because I wanted to swatch it first and see the color in person. I might order a backup because this color is going to be perfect for fall. I really love the texture of this liquid lipstick and the formula is awesome and not drying at all on my lips. Did they change the formula by any chance? I heard a lot of people say it was very drying. I love it, can’t complain at all.


Formula X & Aimee Song: These two colors are limited edition and I was glad I was able to grab the two out of three. I love Aimee and her blog, her style is perfect. I love when bloggers I love come out with products and seeing them grow their business.



Sephora sheet mask: I will try anything that will brighten my skin. I love my skin looking fresh and bright when I don’t wear make-up. This is my first sheet mask purchase and I’m excited to try it out tonight. If you want a review on this let me know. I need to go back and purchase all the others.


BareMinerals Lash Domination mascara: This is my third time owning this mascara and I love it so much. A friend who worked for Bare Minerals recommended this to me while purchasing a foundation there. I’m glad I listened to her (Hi Ingrid, if you are reading this) because I love the volume and length it gives my lashes. I really recommend this to all you girls who have boring lashes like mine, as seen on the left.



11 thoughts on “Monthly beauty buys.

  1. Oh wow great buys. The lipstick looks beautiful on you and I love that green nail polish. I’ve never tried the beauty blender but it looks super cute in the box it comes in x


  2. I just found your blog and I love reading all your post. I’ve been loyal to the real teqniques orange sponge for about a year. My sister has tired convincing me to buy a beauty blender, but I can’t think of spending $20 vs. $6. Is it worth the splurge? Leyvi


    1. Aww thank you very much but lol I know what you mean by the price. I love the real techniques one but they are the exact same thing, the only difference is the shape of the sponge, I love how the beauty blender has a sharp pointy edge to get under my eyes and I don’t like how they changed the real techniques one because now it has two different edges and I liked the first one better. I say save your money unless you want to be like me and try something different and see what else is out there.


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