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Etsy finds.


So I really want to start sharing some of my favorite Etsy shops and I want to start with my sister in-laws shop. Her name is Jessica and she makes dream catchers and does custom orders as well and they are very affordable and the shipping is fast as well. I really love to support small businesses and hopefully give them more customers. I ordered three and they are made very beautifully and her reviews are amazing. I would love it if you all go check out her Etsy shop. She makes them with love and adds infused crystals to her dream catchers, makes any size and color. She ships from Florida. Last but not least, she hand makes them herself. Thank you for reading and don’t forget about the giveaway which ends next WEDNESDAY!.

You can shop the Etsy shop FloridaMoonMama, here.

Check out her instagram, here.

*Not sponsored.

dream1dream3dream 2

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