Ofra cosmetics x Manny Mua


I gave into the craze and ordered the Manny Mua long lasting liquid lipstick by Ofra cosmetics. When I saw everyone’s swatches and Manny’s video I was excited because I thought the colors were beautiful and they reminded me of the 90s and early 2000s for some reason. I really love how they smell like a vanilla cupcake, it automatically reminded me of the fall season because I always burn candles that smell like cupcakes around the fall time. They apply smoothly and they don’t dry right away while applying them, so you have enough time to apply a good amount and take your time to make your lips perfectly shaped. These aren’t like all the other liquid lipsticks I have tried, these don’t make my lips dry while they are on or after I take it off, I use my micellar water from Garnier to remove them. I don’t know if Ofra is going to make these permanent but, I really hope they do. Lastly these are very opaque, something different from the other different brands I have tried, because the texture of these are thick and not thin. But if any of you know of some lip liners that go with these colors please let me know.


Long lasting liquid lipstick in the color – Aries


Long lasting liquid lipstick in the color – Charmed


Long lasting liquid lipstick in the color – Hypno


*I love hypno and charmed, Aries is a little to pale on me in person.


6 thoughts on “Ofra cosmetics x Manny Mua

  1. The colors look very well on you. I just ordered some Colourpop, I’m thinking of ordering these. Charmed is my favorite. Are they transfer proof?


  2. Is the texture feels like NYX cream? I want to order it, too. But I just keep wondering. Thank you for your review and swatches. Honestly, they all look good on you 🙂


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