Products that didn’t workout.


Formula X nail polish – These three colors are so pretty especially, Haute Sauce (the red one) the only thing I didn’t like about these nail polishes is the fact that they dry out really fast, get thick and get tacky within the third use. I will be sticking to my Essie polishes from now on.


Nyx micro brow pencil – This brow product to me was very drying and not pigmented at all. In order to even see some color on my brows, I had to press really hard and when I did that, it was ripping out my eye brows. Don’t know if I picked a bad one or all the others are the same but, I won’t be buying this brow pencil anymore. Not worth the $10.


Victoria’s secret lip scrub – This lip scrub smells really good, like the strawberry sour belts you buy at a candy store but, this didn’t do it’s job at all. It wasn’t as good as the Lush lip scrub I’ve owned before this one. This Victoria’s secret one isn’t as ruff as the lush one I used, this one is more gentle and not enough texture when exfoliating the lips.


Maybelline lash sensational mascara – I purchased mine in blackest black and it was not dark at all. This didn’t fan out my lashes like it was supposed to, let alone add length. Even with multiple coats, it didn’t get the job done. My eyes also burned when I would apply this on most days.


MAC Pro longwear concealer – Everyone loves this concealer and swears by it, so do I but, this creased my under eyes so much even when I set it with translucent powder, banana powder, etc, it just didn’t work. The only thing I love about this concealer is the coverage, that’s the only good thing I can say about this.


Nyx Above & Beyond full coverage concealer – This concealer didn’t cover my darkness under my eyes, this creased a lot and it rubbed off within a hour or two. This didn’t last on me. I applied this with a brush, sponge and fingers and it still didn’t workout for me. Not buying again.

*Disclaimer – Not bashing the brands at all. Also just because this stuff didn’t workout for me, doesn’t mean it won’t workout for you. Some of you may even love this stuff and think the opposite of me.





8 thoughts on “Products that didn’t workout.

  1. Hi, I just bought the Mac concealer and you’re right, the coverage is great. I find the NYX concealers to be very drying. They always cake up, under my eyes. I want to try the Urban Decay peachy concealer to help these dark circles.



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