Jenn Im x ColourPop


Well first of all, let me just say I almost didn’t receive this package and I was bummed for a whole day and a half. I was tracking this package and the email said it was delivered to my door and it wasn’t there and I was looking like crazy for it, even behind the bushes. Long story short, it was delivered to different house and luckily that person was kind enough to bring it to my home the next day, at that point I was very thankful that their is still kind people out there. I was excited when I heard Jenn was collaborating with ColourPop. If you ain’t familiar with Jenn, she is a Youtuber and her videos are mainly about fashion but, she really is my favorite and I’m so happy that she had this opportunity. You can find her channel at Clothesencounters. She even has a App that I did download, you should check it out, its free and fun. This collection is so beautiful and all the colors are very wearable and perfect for everyday, at least for me. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a great weekend.


Dohee – A mid tone warm coral. This color looks different with every skin tone, I love to layer to coats of this. I really recommend you put on some lip balm before because this ultra satin liquid lipstick is a little drying. Now this did last all day on my lips, so that’s a plus on my book.20160603-972428725


Jenneration X – A bright true orange with a hint of red. This color is so pretty and perfect for summer. This a color that will look so cute on everyone. Like the other lip product, this is very matte and also recommend you add some lip balm before applying this. This color is very  pigmented and will last long as well.



Birthday Boy – A limited edition eye shadow that I got for free with my order and it is very pretty and I already know I will be using this color everyday. I love this color because its shimmery and perfect for all over the lid and adorable for minimal makeup looks.



Trois – A nice Bick red color with a brownish tone to it. Its a satin finish and I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it during the fall time, this color will be perfect on the crease or outer v area. Or if you are a one color type of girl then this would be perfect for you, just make sure to blend out the edges.



Quatre – A dark brown with a matte finish. This color is very pigmented and its going to be perfect for a Smokey eye.



Un –  A pretty white champagne color with some sparkle. Its a metallic finish. Its a light color but perfect for the inner comer of your eyes.



Deux – A warm brown in a satin finish. This color reminds me of fall and cinnamon. To me this color is perfect for summer as well. It will look pretty with the color trois.



6 thoughts on “Jenn Im x ColourPop

      1. I wanted to order Dohee too but I thought it might be too light on me! Jennerationx looks incredible tho! I also ordered the ItsMyRayeRaye collab liquid lipstick and other things so I’m super excited 🤗


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