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So I’ve been debating on whether or not I should talk about the whole Champagne glow collection because I recently found out from Jaclyn’s snap chat that Becca is removing the eye shadow palette because a lot of people didn’t like the formula and long story short, they aren’t selling that palette anymore. I did buy the palette and champagne toast is a very pretty color but the formula isn’t that great and pigmented, the shadows feel like little kid makeup if that makes any sense. That’s all I have to say about the shadows. But the rest of the collection I love and I’m excited to share it with all of you. You really can tell Jaclyn worked hard on it, as well as Becca cosmetics. Hopefully you all get a chance to purchase something from the collection. I love everything people 🙂


The shade champagne pop.


The shade Prosecco Pop.


Rosé Spritz Blush  – Has shimmer and looks very natural on the cheeks.


Amaretto Blush – I love this as a bronzer, (perfect for my skin tone) also perfect for those no makeup, makeup days if you like a little blush on the apple of your cheeks.


Pamplemousse – I love this color for a flirty look and also its perfect for a date night. You don’t have to apply a lot since its very pigmented.


Shimmering skin perfector  Poured Crème in Champagne Pop – This color is very subtle and its perfect for those days when you want a legit natural glow. This isn’t as bright as the pressed version. I love it for those no makeup, makeup days. Believe me if you want a natural glow buy this or the liquid form.


Below are the highlights next to each other.


I wanted to show you of the highlights close together so you can see all three at the same time. I say three because the champagne pop poured crème is a little different from the pressed version of champagne pop. Poured crème is more warm and a little natural looking and the other is more bright and gold-ish. Prosecco pop is more of a gold yellow. I thought this would be helpful for you all to see how they all look.


Ps. DOES anyone know if Sephora will still take my eye shadow palette even though one broke? I won’t be using the palette but I dropped it and one cracked.







4 thoughts on “BECCA X JACLYN HILL

  1. The colors compliment your skin color so well! I love when makeup palettes are so compact. Blush, bronzer and highlight all in one. And the packaging is so cute!


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