Black brings sexy back.

l (5)

I love the idea of a all black outfit for a date night. To me the color black is sexy only because when you are wearing black, I feel like all the attention will be on you, meaning your face. If you wear color I feel like it will take the attention from you on a date night. So when wearing black on a date night keep it all one color head to toe and your makeup just simple but glam, like do a nice pink blush, a light pink lip, neutral eye shadow and some bold and flirty lashes, after all you do want your hot date to look into your eyes right? Also keep the jewelry to a minimum, so opt for a pretty choker necklace and some stud earrings. Always wear comfy heels to your date and a good size bag for your important essentials. You don’t want to carry a bulky purse do you?

Do you love these polyvore collages? Or should I do real outfit posts instead, or both?

If you want to know where everything in this collage is from, check out my polyvore account, everything is linked. I’m addicted to that site.


Remember to always love yourself and be confident.

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