ULTA + Jenny Fox


This palette reminds me of fall. I’m obsessed with the colors. I really think Jenny did a great job picking out the colors. If you don’t know who Jenny is, she is a Youtuber and she does make-up and nail tutorials, also fashion and lifestyle videos. Jenny also has a vlog channel and that’s how I found out she was working on something because she mentioned it on her vlogmas but didn’t go into detail but I was excited for her. I love Jenny’s personality, she has remained humble after all these years and she only works on stuff that represents herself and her brand and I respect that about her, she really isn’t like all the other youtubers out there. She’s really remained true to herself and that’s something I appreciate and admire in a youtuber. You can buy the palette at or in stores. when i purchased mine, it was buy one get one free, so i got two for the price of one. but now at this moment you can buy two and get two free, what? order yours here. You can check out the video about her eye shadow palette and her review on her channel. I really hope you all enjoy this post and hopefully you can all get your hands on this palette because it really is good. I’m really hoping that other big youtubers review Jenny’s palette because I haven’t seen anyone talk about this palette and thats a huge bummer.

You can subscribe to Jenny’s main channel, here.

Jenny’s vlog channel, here.


PROS: Very smooth and soft shadows, they are very buildable, and blend very easily. Also every girl who wears eye shadow knows, in order for the shadow to last long and get a good pay-off is to apply eye shadow primer and if you don’t own a primer, you can use a liquid highlight or concealer, I’ve used all those options and they always last on my eyes, including these. Everyone looks for different things in a make-up product, some girls love high pigment and others don’t. But I can say these shadows are Pimentel, especially the shimmer ones.

CONS: a little powdery as you can see on the photo above, but all you have to do is tap the excess off. I would recommend you apply your eye shadow first, then your foundation.

I really have nothing negative to say about this palette. If you own Ulta’s makeup brand then you know how everything works and feels. I love it and that’s my own opinion.

Also some of the colors look the same but I promise you they are very much different. you can tell on the photo I provided below. If you have any questions about this palette, don’t hesitate to ask. Will you be buying this palette?


Remember to always love yourself and be confident.



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