My Favorite lush products.



PhotoGrid_1471819045235Honey I washed the kids- This soap smells so good you will want to eat it. Showering with this is like heaven. When you are rubbing your body you instantly feel the silky-ness of this soap, it melts into your skin and gives you super soft skin. This warm scent well make you smile in the shower and excited for your day.

Sea Vegetable – The scent of this is so good, it will automatically put you in a good mood. The scent of Lavender, lime and seaweed smell so good together, its a nice and refreshing scent, you will feel so squeaky clean once you are done showering and very calm. I actually want to go buy one for my shower again. This makes your shower smell so good after. If I could buy this for every single one of you readers, I would.

Buffy –  This body butter was one of the first I tried a while back when every Youtuber was talking about Lush, I believe it was 2011/2012 when I bought it. But this will make your skin feel super soft and it leaves you a oily residue which you won’t need any lotion after you are done showering because the oil on this will leave your skin moisturized which is a plus because I hate putting lotion on after the shower sometimes.

Cupcake mask – This was the first ever lush product I purchased back in 2011. I was Christmas shopping and saw Lush and got super excited. The employee recommended this mask and instantly fell in love with it the second I got home. This help with any minor breakouts you have. You do have to refrigerate this mask and use it before it expires. Within time it will dry out, that’s the only thing I hate about this mask. But its a cupcake mask, its fun and something to look forward to during the weekend. I recommend this for any teenage girl because this is a gentle mask and the scent is a little sweet.

Brazened Honey – This mask is so gentle on the skin, when you begin to rinse it off, it will gently exfoliate your skin. It deep cleans your pores and leaves a nice plumped, clean face. This mask is perfect for those days when  you are ready to take off all that makeup and want to have a nice clean face. I really recommend this to anyone who wears a lot of makeup just to have your face feeling free from all the stuff you had on.

Happy Happy Joy Joy – I love using this conditioner on the ends of my hair. It leaves the ends feeling soft and hydrated. I have my hair dyed and its perfect for anyone who dyes there hair and want to do a little nice treat to your hair. What I love about this conditioner is that it doesn’t leave you a greasy after feeling.

Charity Pot – This lotion is really good for dry skin. I love putting this on my arms and legs, the most dry parts in my body. I don’t like applying this on my face because it does leave a oily residue. Since this is a little oily it can get a little annoying which is why I wash my hands right away after applying. But I love it because it works great with dry skin.

Rehab – Ok. If you have oily, nasty hair when you let it air dry or sleep with wet hair and wake up with ugly greasy hair BUY THIS shampoo. When  you use this shampoo and let your hair air dry it will leave your hair looking so clean. The fact that this shampoo leaves your hair dry is perfect for me and us girls/guys who have that issue of a oily, third day looking hair on the first day, then this is the shampoo for you. Whether you air dry or blow dry your hair it will leave you a nice finish. I only apply the shampoo to my roots and let the rest fall down when rinsing it off and I use the happy happy joy joy conditioner on the ends. Those two pair great together. Trust me when I say this, YOU NEED THIS shampoo if you are tired of that greasy hair. The big plus is that it your second day hair will still look good and not greasy, sometimes your third day hair as well.

Mint Julips – I love using this before applying my lipstick, gloss, liquid lipstick. It gives you nice and smooth lips. Always exfoliate your lips before applying any lip product so you can have a smooth and clean look. Nothing is more ugly thank wearing lipstick with chapped lips. It comes in three scents, Mint, popcorn and bubblegum. All of them smell good.

Light Yellow – This color supplement I love. Its like a tinted moisturizer/light foundation. I remember watching Dulce Candy talk about this in her video and was like, ” I need to try this”, a few years later I did and I love it. It really blends into my skin and looks like I have no make up on. Its perfect for everyday and it feels so light-weight on the skin. Its fits perfect on my skin. This adjusts to your skin color which is cool. They have a few shades, if you need help ask the employees and I’m sure they will find the right shade for you.


I really hope you all enjoyed reading about my favorite Lush products and why I love them. I really want to try more stuff from Lush. I’m excited to show you all what else I purchase and what I like. I would love to know if any of you have tried anything from Lush down below, or some of your recommendations. Couldn’t link any of the items because my keyboard is broken but you can check out








2 thoughts on “My Favorite lush products.

  1. I’ve never tried lush products. I want to try the sea vegetable and light yellow. Did you have any breakouts after using the products?



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