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Wet N Wild Ultimate match, review.


Foundation is something I keep buying over and over again. I love trying out new ones because I’m constantly on the search for the perfect foundation because I have dry skin. Lately I ran out of my Too faced born this way foundation and this time I decided to purchase something affordable and one I can wear every single day and not have to worry about re-purchasing or wasting a pricy one. I found this foundation at my grocery store for only two dollars so I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. I’ve been testing out this foundation for a week now and for the price its been doing a nice job, at least in my opinion.


This foundation is so light-weight, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which I love. It’s a nice consistency and perfect for my dry skin.

This foundation is light to medium coverage. Like the name of the foundation Ultimate match, it really sinks and blends into your skin. It looks like your skin but better. Once you have it on, it looks like I have nothing on and doesn’t leave me any dry patches either.

This foundation starts fading after five hours but I don’t mind fixing it with some powder throughout the day and it doesn’t crease under my eyes. Also if you are one of those people who loves to apply foundation powder over your liquid foundation like me, it won’t look cakey on you.

I apply this foundation with my Tarte airbrush foundation brush because it applies on better and with my damped beauty blender it applies super sheer. I didn’t like it with the beauty blender dry either because I feel like the sponge sucks in all the product for this foundation, maybe because its very light-weight.

The good thing about this foundation is that it will protect your skin from the sun because it has SPF 15, the downside is, it smells like sunscreen which I don’t mind one bit. It’s not a over-powering smell.

If you have any questions about this Wet N Wild, Ultimate match foundation let me know.



6 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Ultimate match, review.

    1. I never really put too much focus on wearing sunscreen but I love how this foundation has some because now I feel a little better about my skin being protected. Thank you so much for reading. ❤


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