People to watch.

People to watch: Youtubers.

Hello, Welcome to my new series here on the blog. As you see on the title, it’s going to be called People to watch. I will be sharing on that series, three of my current favorite Youtubers, Bloggers and instagrammers. I love it when people introduce me to new Youtubers, bloggers, etc especially when they really deserve more followers, subbies and readers. Today I will be sharing my three current favorite Youtubers, I hope you all enjoy this series. Have a good weekend.

Its AlyRyan


The first video I ever watched from Aly was her Goodwill haul. Right off the bat I knew I would love her because her humor is contagious as well as her personality. I swear she finds the cutest things at the thrift store, her thrift hauls are addicting. Aly has the cutest kids, if you are a mommy and love following other mothers then you definitely should follow her on Instagram. Also if you don’t like cursing, then too bad because she curses….a lot….kinda. But that’s why I love her because she is herself.

Ashley Brooke.


I love Ashley’s styling videos. In the beginning she does a little talk through of all the pieces and in the end she shares a lookbook. She loves finding statement pieces and dressing them with basic items and make them wearable and fun. Her, “How to” videos are so much fun to watch. The very first video I watched was her, How to style high-waisted shorts.  She gives great styling tips. If you love fashion and watching lookbook videos, then you will love her. You can read her blog, and follow her on Instagram.

The Garsow Twins.


OK. Let’s be real. Since I’m a twin and they are twins, I had to subscribe to there channel and blog. I came acros Carli and Britta by them leaving a comment on one of my blog posts. I immediately clicked on there link and read some of the blog posts they posted. I noticed they have a YouTube channel, so I subscribed and I’m almost done catching up on all of the videos they have posted. You can read their blog, here. Instagram, here.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to Subscribe to all three.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.

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