Kiko Milano: Review


What’s something you are constantly on the search for make-up wise? Me? Mascara and highlight. Those two I’m constantly buying because I can’t seem to get enough of. When I saw these products in my packaged I won, I was super excited because I’ve been wanting to try Kiko products. The packaging is so sleek and pretty. Surprisingly Kiko is affordable compared to other make-up you see at Sephora and its very budget friendly which I love. I’m definetely going to order some make-up from them because all the reviews I’ve seen on youtube and blogs have been good. They also have skincare which is awesome. From what I know, Kiko is only sold on there website. I will link everything for you all so you can check the products out. Everything looks so good, you have to see for yourselves.


Kiko Maxi-Mod Mascara – This is the prettiest mascara and I love how it works. The little brush gives you nice volume and really brushes your lashes good. I love how the brush is small because it give you more control on where to focus the application more. I love to focus more on my outer lashes, so the size is perfect for that. It does dry out quickly and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. It won’t flake either and with two coats you are good. The bristles won’t hurt your eyes when applying, I know some mascaras tend to do that.



Kiko Design Flower Enriched Highlighter–  This highlight smells like roses, obviously since its enriched with flowers. This is a pretty subtle highlight, perfect for everyday use. I love using highlights that looks like I have a natural glow and this does that. It has two shades inside and I love to use it individually or mixed, depending on the color I want. The texture on this highlight is so creamy and soft, I know you all will love it. The size is nice and compact with a good sized mirror. I love taking this with me in my small little purse because I love to use the darker shade as eye shadow.


Starting from the top is the lightest shade, middle is darker shade and the bottom one is both mixed together. The colors are so pretty and wearable for every skin tone.

I hope you all enjoyed the post. Also right now Kiko is having a 20% off sale, I believe it will last till Halloween. ( don’t quote me on that.)

*Not sponsored just letting you know about the good deal they are having on the website. 

Have any of you tried Kiko products? If so what do you recommend? I would love to know.

Be confident and love yourself. ❤


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