People to watch.

People to watch: Youtubers. #2


Beauty with Lizbeth

I’m really obsessed with Lizbeth channel. I seriously binge watched all videos in two days. I love her videos because you can honestly tell she enjoys creating makeup looks. She really takes her time with her makeup and doesn’t have to try hard. I can honestly say she posts videos for her enjoyment and because she knows us viewers will enjoy watching them. She doesn’t post for the sake of a post, if that makes any sense to you all. Her twin makes cameos on her videos as well. I can’t tell them apart, they are both beautiful and have the most perfect brows, (I’m jealous).


Deanna Borocz

First of, she’s such a fun and enthusiastic girl to watch. Her personality caught my attention, her energy is just so addicting. Deanna is always happy and inviting on all her videos and that is something I really look for on a youtuber, I mean you don’t want to watch a youtuber who is talking like she doesn’t want to film. Deanna creates some of the most fun makeup looks and uses amazing colors. Plus her highlight always looks so good.



Let me start of by saying, Bri reminds of a mini Khloe Kardashian, hopefully all of you can see it lol. (I love this video). Bri is like that one friend/sister who gives you the best makeup advice. She has a nice and easy going vibe which I’m all about. I can watch her videos all day. I’m obsessed with her tutorials and hauls. The first video I watched on her channel was a Ulta haul and I was like, “this girl picked good makeup, she knows what she’s doing, subscribe.”

I really hope you all enjoyed reading this and hopefully you all go and subscribe to all three ladies because I know all of you will love them. They are all fun to watch, PROMISE!!! All opinions are really my own and only share youtubers I honestly love and know you will too. You can read the post on this series here.

Please share some youtubers down below.

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