Buxom Review


How many people still wear lip gloss? I haven’t wore lip gloss in a while. I would wear it all the time in High school, (my boyfriend hated it.) These Buxom lip glosses are so good and so is the whipped liquid lipstick. I love trying different makeup brands and Buxom is one that I’m really glad I tried. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about them and some bad but I didn’t let the bad get in the way of me trying them because everyone has a different opinion and we don’t all like the same things. I hope you all enjoy the post. Have any of you tried Buxom products? If so what do you love?


Wildly Whipped lightweight Liquid Lipstick – The whipped formula is what sold me on this. The texture feels so good when you apply it. It goes on very smoothly, very nice and pigmented, 2lasts all day and it is a semi matte finish. I would describe as a creamy matte finish, so if you are expecting a super matte finish, this isn’t for you. But I think if you apply a thin layer of this you can accomplish a super matte look. Since the consistency is a mousse/whipped texture it isn’t going to dry down completely matte because it is a teeny thick consistency. But I love people. This is the color Exhibitionist. The color is so pretty.


Full-On lip Polish – This lip gloss is such a pretty fuschia color in the name Jennifer. It’s very pretty for everyday if you are one of those people who doesn’t like to wear pink lip gloss. This gloss gives you a nice plump lip, very glossy finish, a little sticky which I don’t mind and it wears off through-out the day, what gloss doesn’t?


Full-on lip cream – This gloss in Pink Lady is my favorite color and I wear it every single day. It reminds me of my Urban Decay gloss in the color Walk of shame. I really want to try Buxom White Russian, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that color. Back to Pink Lady, this gloss has no shimmer which I love because shimmer on gloss can get annoying sometimes. This gloss has a mint scent to it, (it does plump) your lips.


Divine Goddess Luminizer – This is such a very subtle luminizer. Out of all the others I’ve tried, I love this one. It is a nice texture, not super shimmery like the others I have tried. I love to mix this in with my foundations to have a nice glow. Sometimes I love to add it on the top of my cheekbones instead of all over the face mixed with my foundation. The formula makes it easy to blend and take off.

If you would love to see a comparison on this with the Becca shimmering skin perfector let me know. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Remember to always live yourself and be confident.


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