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Share the love: Tea & Honey


Mighty Leaf Tea – Growing up I hated tea. I remember when I wouldn’t go to school because I was sick, I would go to my grandmas house so she can take care of me and she would make me tea. One memory stuck with me and I will never forget it. I go really sick one day and I had a fever, was throwing up and had a cough. My grandma came into her guest room which I called, “el cuartito” the little room because it was small and that’s where everyone would hang out when they were sick. Anyways she came in and told me, ” here drink the tea so you can get better and when I come back I want to see it empty, so drink it all. I hated tea as I kid and at that time I was 9 years old. I didn’t want to drink it so i tossed it behind the bed and poured it on the carpet, sorry i didnt want to drink especially knowing that thw tea came from my grandmas backyard. My grandma had, (still has) a lemongrass plant in her yard and I remember I saw her pull out some pieces and she started to boil them. When I saw that, I knew she was going to make me drink it and I said to myself, ” eeww no way” umm hello, bugs go on them probably lol. I was a stubborn kid. I never told my grandma I threw it away, I made her believe I drank the whole thing. But now I love tea. I got into tea in 2011 when I was super sick and he made me drink Chamomile tea with lemon and honey, it was good and I was surprised I loved it and shocked my boyfriend made me something lol. Then that same year I was at my grandmas and I got sick and she said drink tea, ( her lemongrass bug tea) I drank it this time at 21 years old and loved it lol, so now anything with lemongrass or chamomile I will drink, just as long as it has honey and lemon juice. I would love to hear some of your stories on how you got into to tea.


I came across the Mighty Leaf tea when I went to visit my sons grandma at her job. I was trying to decide what tea I wanted to try and she recommended this one to me and ever since I’ve been hooked. The taste of the tea alone is so good, I love how all the ingredients taste all together and that is enough flavor for me to enjoy. Most of the time I do love to add a spoon full of honey and a half lemon to give it a nice taste especially when I get sick because for some reason I get better fast. I wish I bought more than one box of this tea. Hopefully when I go back to visit back home on Thanksgiving I can stock up on this tea and other flavors. I can’t wait to put these tea bags in little stockings this Christmas.


Let it brew for 5 minutes. The tea bags are handcrafted silk tea bags and they are so soft. I love the little stitched details on the edge. The ingredients in the tea are Orange peels, Chamomile flowers, Roseships peels, Lemongrass, Lemon myrtle, Hibiscus flowers, Spearmint, Natural flavors and Orange petals.


Wild Flower Honey from Githen Bee Farm – This honey is from a local farm and it has the most delicious taste ever. The consistency is nice and silky, not thick which I hate with some honeys. I love supporting local businesses, we need more of those.


I also love the honey with almonds and yogurt. I purchased both the tea and honey from Pezzini farms in Castroville, CA. I’m sure your local mom and pop shops have some local honey sold at there shops and tea.


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