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Forever 21 purchases.



1. Off the shoulder peasant top.  – I wore this top already with some blue jeans and black booties. If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I posted a outfit of the day on Saturday. The top is super comfortable and it stayed on very well throughout the day while running errands.

2. Faux suede choker set. – This choker set looked so cute paired with the off the shoulder peasant top. I love how the chokers are individuals so I can wear them separate if I wanted to. Towards the end of the night I ended up wearing the black choker by itself to a festival.

3. Round sungless – I couldn’t find the link to these exact ones for some odd reason but I was able to find these round ones. I wanted to return the ones I bought because I don’t like them as much anymore but I threw the tags away. Or maybe I will learn to love them. The ones I purchased have black lenses and gold hardware.

4. Floral mock neck bodysuit – I immediately became obsessed with this bodysuit when I watched my favorite youtuber Ashley Brooke How to style prints for winter lookbook. Ashley actually hauled that bodysuit first and you can watch the video here. I love how she dresses. Anyone else watch her videos? I am very sorry the top is no longer available. I ordered mine in December and I got lucky enough to find one for my sister at the actual store and it was the last one there.


5. Faux leather Chelsea boots. –  I’ve been on the hunt for some Chelsea boots and when I saw these I had to order them because they are affordable and has a nice little heel. I also wore these with my off the shoulder peasant top and they are the most comfortable booties ever.

6. V-neck cami tank. – I needed just a basic tabk top to lounge around the house and wear to a two day event festival I went to this weekend. It was super comfortable. I love wearing these basic tanks almost everyday with some layers or with none.

7. Distressed denim cut-offs. – These shorts were a last minute purchase because I needed shorts for my festival as well as one more top I will mention. The shorts have the perfect amount of destress and I love how it is at the bottom of the thigh area.

8. Plaid cotton shirt. – This top kept me warm after the festival I went to was over. I had it wrapped around my waist the whole night because I was hot but once I got outside it was freezing.


I am very sorry I didn’t show a better picture of the striped crop top with the knot. I did not find a link for it and forgot to take a picture of it by itself when I was focused on the cover photo.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.

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