D.I.Y. Uneven Hem


As most of you know from my two previous post, here. I’ve been wanting to try out this trend for a while because it just looks different, fun and cool. The uneven hem makes the Jeans look more better and gives it a nice touch. While on pinterest I saw a lot of cute pictures or women styling this trend. Just recently I saw these uneven hem jeans at H&M and I wanted to buy them but I thought I would cut up some of my old jeans and test it out first. The jeans I was going to use, I ended up cutting them into shorts, so I went with a pair I bought two years ago at my job. I don’t like how they look from the bottom so I thought I would make them look a little better and trendy-er. Also previous to falling in love with this trend, I watched a video from Ashley Brooke and followed her steps. I hope you all enjoy this post.


Have any of you tried this trend? If you are going to DIY some uneven hem jeans, please be careful because I ended up cutting myself. I couldn’t find my seam ripper and ended up using my X-acto knife.


The ending results turned out good but I will be distressing them more and add some shredded details to the bottom. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I get to find some uneven hem jeans in my size soon because I am obsessed and I think they will be perfect for Spring. If you want to see how I styled these jeans, follow me on instagram @imjeanette_


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