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Current favorites.


Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about my current favorites that I think all of you will enjoy. I have been using these three products for about a month trying to get a good use out of them so I can really explain how they really work. All these three products are really good and definitely will be re-purchasing.


E.l.f HD lifting concealer – This concealer is so good and it is only $3. Now the only negative I have about this product is that it only comes in three shades. I bought the lightest one in the shade light and as seen above it is a little dark for my skin tone. I still tested this product out and once I apllied it, it actually blended into my skin really well and covered up my dark circles. This concealer claims to minimize your fine lines and uplifts your under eye area which I totally agree, when I applied this I instantly saw my eyes look more open and youthful looking. I wish I took before and after pictures but if you want to see a photo let me know and I will post a picture on instagram or here on the blog. This concealer doesn’t crease up and it is very light weight on the skin and not heavy. The consistency feels really good. This concealer has vitamin c, green tea and mulberry for lifting and soothing benefits.


Wet n wild megaglo contouring palette – When I purchased this palette I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it because I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. This palette has been out for a while but I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it. Julia Havens on youtube raves about this on her channel so I gave in and I can see why she loves it. I have the shade Dulce De Leche and it is a perfect shade for me as a bronzer. I do not contour with it because I much prefer it as a bronzer. The highlight side I use as a setting powder and it is a perfect shade for me. The only two things I hate about this palette is 1, it is very powdery so you have to tap out the eccess and 2, it can be a little patchy and sometimes I have to blend for a while and make sure I use a good brush, which I use my eco tools powder brush to bronze up my face. I do want to purchase the shade caramel toffee as well but Target didn’t have it. I also love how silky the texture is when you swatch it.


Wet n wild 1 step wonder gel – I bought this nail polish at Target in the shade Coral support. I have been wearing this shade non-stop on my fingers and toes and get a lot of compliments on it. This shade is perfect for spring and summer. This polish dries fast and it doesn’t chip easily which is a plus.

I hope you all enjoy this post. Also thank you all for reading and supporting my blog.


90’s vibe.


I’m really loving the white-t under a slip dress or a tiny tank top, (so Clueless) this trend is making a come back and everyone seems to love it including retailers because I’ve been seeing this layered trend almost in every store. I’ve had this black dress for two years now and I got it at my old job, G by Guess so its not available anymore and I added my Victoria’s secret white-T underneath. I really want to buy this Tee and lace Cami from Express it is super cute and you can wear it with any bottoms you want. You can really just wear any black tank dress or top and where a plain white-T you have in your closet already. Doesn’t have to be a black tank, it can be any color you want. But I really want to go back to Express and buy that top.

Be confident and love yourself. ❤


Choker is from Forever 21, I couldn’t find it. I didn’t find this silver plated choker.

Purse is thrifted. This similar quilted gold chain crossbody from Forever 21.

Shoes are Steve Madden (old)

Beauty, Favorites

Current Four beauty favorites.


So today I want to show you some of my current beauty favorites. Some of these products are new to me and the others I’ve tried already but can’t live without them. I love trying new beauty products, 95% of the time I love them, 5% I hate but that’s rare. Like I’ve said before, I do my research on stuff I want to buy because I don’t like wasting money on things I’m not going to enjoy and I know I can return them but I hate the process of returning things. I hope you all enjoy the post. What are some of your current beauty favorites, I would love to know.


L’Oreal Voluminous carbon black mascara – This is a oldie but a goodie. I love how this makes my eye lashes look when I apply this. I love to apply two to three coats, depending on how my eye lashes are acting. I really recommend this to anyone who is getting into makeup or just want a good drugstore mascara. I purchased this at Walk-mart and you can also get this at Target, Walgreens or CVS.


NYX Above & Beyond full coverage concealer (green) – I love this so much, I might have to take it from my sister HA! Sometimes my under eye circles are dark and foundation and concealer don’t cover them up. When I apply this, I does cover up my dark circles. This product is very moisturizing under your eyes, it doesn’t make your under eyes crease up, doesn’t look cake and its not heavy on the eye either. I love to apply this before I apply foundation and concealer. I’ve seen this product at Target and Ulta, or you can order it on NYX website.


Benefit Stay flawless 15- hour primer – I love this primer. I tried this two years ago when I got it in my Benefit cosmetics advent calendar and when I used it, I fell in love with it. It doesn’t dry up my skin, it feels smooth and not heavy on the skin. This primer does make my makeup last long and I only apply to spots where my makeup tends to rub off which is my nose, forehead and smile lines. This is a product I love to go back to a lot.


Benefit Hoola zero tanlines – I really love this tanning lotion as much as my Jergens one. I love how this makes my legs look so flawless, smooth and toned. Like they say if you can’t tone it, tan it. In my opinion this doesn’t make my skin look orange which I love. This did transfer to my white shorts, maybe because I didn’t wait till my legs were properly dry. I recommend you let them dry properly for 10 minutes. I love the sponge applicator, it makes it so easy to get a even looking tan and it doesn’t leave any streaks and your hands don’t have to get messy either. This is totally worth the price.


I’m very sorry I couldn’t put links for this post. I still don’t have a keyboard for my tablet. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be doing a review on the Benefit zero tanlines lotion and on the NYX concealer. If that’s something you would love to see please let me know.



Three favorites.


The past couple of months I’ve been obsessing over three things and I thought it would be nice to share them with you all. Maybe after reading this you will want to purchase some of these items, or maybe something similar to it. Can you all believe it’s almost fall? I’m so excited. I have a few fall fashion related posts to come on the blog so stay tuned. Also do you guys love seeing fashion must haves on blog form or video form? Sometimes I feel like its easier to film some stuff rather than blogging about it. I would really love to know y’alls opinions on this. But I will be filming youtube videos soon, so if you would love to go and subscribe now it would be awesome or you can wait till I post a video.

Remember to always love yourself and be confident.


You are a badass. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. – This book is so good. It kept me so entertained and focused, I couldn’t put it down. If you are someone who is still trying to figure yourself out, unmotivated, miserable or just wanting to change your life for the better then this book is perfect for you. I don’t want to ruin the book for you and would much rather you guys read it for yourselves but this book makes you open up your eyes and realize what’s really important and it will help you get to know yourself first. I really loved the chapter, millions of mirrors, its a great and very spot on chapter and I agreed with everything and notice some of the things in a lot of girls. Every girl needs to at least read that chapter in the store if you don’t want to buy the book.


Wet n Wild H2O proof liquid eyeliner – This eyeliner was a random and fast purchase because I was in desperate need of a new one and target didn’t have the one I wanted. This one caught my eye and I’m glad it did. Once I got home and used it, I realized the little curve the felt tip had. That little curve makes it so easy to apply and I don’t like a thick liner, I love a really thin one and this is so easy to maneuver. This lasts all day, very Pimentel, easy to apply, and it doesn’t smudge. The only thing I hate about this is that it takes a while for it to dry.


Michael Kors Bedford flap cross-body bag – I received this Michael Kors cross-body last year, I can’t remember if I got it for my birthday or mother’s day because they both land on the same month. But this has been my go to purse. It fits a lot of stuff for a small and compact bag. Its easy to just swing over your shoulders. I don’t like carrying big bags, I’m more of a small bag type of girl because I do have a toddler and he is always running around and I don’t have time to carry a pig purse. I did find some alternatives for you savvy beauties. Here and here.


Current favorites/mini review.


I’m not very picky when it comes to makeup, I will try anything. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a new foundation, (like always) and a new poreless primer. I’ve been using the it cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder and I didn’t end up liking it for my pores because it didn’t cover enough but it did make the rest of skin look more alive, (anti-Aging as well) I thought I liked it but I noticed that it started to wear off even with my setting spray on which was so annoying. I went to target recently and saw this pore primer and I thought I would try it out since the packaging said it was new. Also I decided to try the foundation as well. So here is my little review on this. I also would love it if you let me know what e.l.f products you love and recommend.


Ok, I’m in love with this pore primer and I’m so glad I purchased it. This works as good as the Porefessional by Benefit. I love the porefessional but it was too expensive. This e.l.f. pore primer is super affordable compared to others. This also smells like Vicks vapor rub which I don’t really mind it but its not super strong like the Vicks, I promise. Once you apply it the smell wears off and its also a very smooth, soft texture. This lasted on my skin all day, even through my workout. This really does its job. I purchased mine at Target which I couldn’t find a link, but I did find it in the e.l.f. website.


When I first pumped this foundation, it automatically reminded me of my BareMinerals BareSkin foundation. Its very light-weight and liquid-y, it is a serum after all. This foundation is light to medium coverage but very buildable. This did last on my skin all day even through the warm days we’ve been having here in San Francisco. I really love this foundation for my casual days, running errands and don’t want a lot of coverage. I have combination skin and this really absorbed well on my skin and didn’t flake on my T-zone area and around my nose and I love using it with my real techniques blending sponge, but I do recommend using a setting powder for this foundation under your eyes if you don’t like to wear concealer. You can find it here. I’m in the shade fair/light.


No doubt, this is my all time, number one favorite bronzer EVER! Wet n wild did amazing with this product. I’ve re-purchased this bronzer so many times, I always go back to it. I love how warm it makes my skin look. It really does look like I’ve been out in the sun all day. This is a nice warm looking bronzer and it does not make you look orange, just tanned. Its very natural looking and this is why I love it. I purchased mine at target like always. I love the smell of this bronzer, don’t know why but I do. If you love that natural bronzed look, I highly recommend this to anyone. This is in the color Ticket to Brazil.




November Favorites




November flew by so fast, can’t believe December is here. I put up my Christmas tree two days before Thanksgiving because I couldn’t wait any longer. Now that November is over and black Friday madness is long gone, (I work in retail) I’m glad I can just relax for a while and start wrapping gifts and finish up my shopping. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. Happy December. Hope you enjoy some of my favorites.

Remember to always love yourself and be confident.


I’ve had this Tarte brush for almost a year now and I love it as much as I love my beauty blender. But I had to throw away my beauty blender and I’ve been using this foundation brush and I forgot how good it is, it really gives me a nice airbrushed look.


I received this Josie Maran argan oil last Christmas and it lasted me a long time. I love using it for my dry skin and I add it before I do my makeup, sometimes I put some on after I get out the shower and sleep with it so it can do it’s job overnight. I really recommend this to anyone. I love how it makes my skin look.


I’ve had this Cupcakes and cashmere book since it came out and I kid you not, I look at this book a million times. The photos are so pretty and it has so many good tips inside and its divided by seasons. But recently I’ve been reading the fall and winter section especially, to get some tips on gifting presents and how to properly right a thank you note. I really recommend this book to anyone, this will make a perfect gift as well. I really love the second book as well.


This necklace has been seeing a lot of sunlight because I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It goes with everything in my closet. This necklace is from my job and they don’t sell it anymore so I can’t share a link with you.


I live in San Francisco and its been so cold. These fuzzy socks have been keeping my feet very warm. You can find these pretty much anywhere.


This Essie polish in double breasted jacket has been on my nails for the whole month practically. I really love the color


These shoes have been my new obsession. I love these. They pretty much go with everything I wear. I bought these at a local store. Similar ones here


September favorites 2015


For the whole month of September I was using all these 7 things. I had a obsession with my shorts that I purchased from my job. This month went by so fast, now we will be in October and I’m so excited because my son turns two and this year I will be taking him around the neighborhood to get some candy, I’m so looking forward for some costume hunting for him. Now that it’s officially fall I’m sure I will be sharing a lot of my favorite things I love about the season and I’m excited to capture everything in photos so I can share with you guys. Now onto the favorites.

So these two pair of shorts seen here and here have been getting a lot of wear out of me, they are so versatile. The faux leather shorts are beyond comfortable and I was searching for the right pair for a while then, I saw these at my work and I said to myself I have to have these. The white cut-offs I ended up getting them a size bigger because I love how they fit better and I don’t like them too tight on me. Sorry I couldn’t show you photos of me wearing both shorts in different ways but, I promise you, you will see some soon.

I recently ran out of my bronzer and re-discovered my old NAKED Urban Decay On The Run palette, seen here and the bronze it has inside is the perfect warm color I have ever worn, don’t know why ever stopped using it but I know I’m going to be sad once I hit pan. I really want to try this one next.

This Forever 21 necklace has been on my neck for the whole month, I fell like it really goes with everything. I especially love wearing it with a simple white tee and black jeans.

The Taylor swift perfume without a doubt will forever be my favorite, it has a nice sweet scent to it and for some reason it reminds me of fall. The Essie polish in Aruba blue has been on my nails practically this whole month, I just love the royal blue color especially when it has little specks of shine to it. Lastly the Naked Urban Decay smoky palette, I can’t get my hands off it. I’ve been wearing the colors high, dirtysweet and radar a lot. Hope you enjoyed this post. Remember to always love yourself.