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Ok, I think I found one of the best affordable drugstore foundations and I’m happy with this purchase. I saw this foundation a few times when I would go to Target but I always hesitated to buy it because everytime I purchase a drugstore foundation, I always end up hating it. I’m not sure exactly how old is this foundation but I’m happy I finally have it in my hands, (wish I didn’t hesitate a while back) This foundation doesn’t get enough recognition on Youtube, instagram, etc. This is definetely a hidden gem at the drugstore and everyone must know about it which is why I’m sharing this with you all. When I watched Drugstore Maven video, I was like ok, I’m going to buy the foundation next time I visit Target, two months later I bought it, HA!I hope you all enjoy this post and my thoughts on this amazing foundation.


The consistency of this Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation feels good on the skin. It’s not heavy on the skin, feels light-weight, smells good and guess what? It doesn’t crease up under my eyes or smile lines around my mouth, (phew) I really hate foundations that crease up on me.


Now I decided to take photos of step by step on how it looks and how I applied it. First of, it blends into the skin so beautiful, I’m guessing it’s because of the comfort serum in it which in my case, serums are for making your skin look good and youthful. I tested this foundation A LOT with no setting powder, with setting powder, primer and no primer. It worked well both ways and lasted all day, I even slept with it (ahh i know, dont kill me) but I wanted to see if it would last all day and night and it did, my skin looked very glowy and perfect when I woke up.

1. I exfoliated my skin with the St. Ives apricot scrub and applied the Cetaphil moisturizer after to have a nice, clean smooth face.

2. I applied my foundation with a damp Real techniques miracle complexion sponge and I felt like this technique applied more full coverage than my buffing brush.

3. Once everything was blended in. This foundation is full coverage and I think it covered up my dark circles pretty well but I could’ve gone with another layer. Also it doesn’t leave any dry patches on my skin, it just leaves you a nice glowy look. This foundation is perfect for dry and combination skin.

4. Completed makeup look with my bronzer, blush, etc.


When I recommended this foundation to my sister, I believe it was the following day she sent me a photo of this clip from her People Style Watch magazine. I actually love how Kim Kardashian West loves this because her makeup always looks so good.

Trust me, all of you will love this foundation. The only negative I have to say about this foundation is that it only comes in 6 shades, (bummer I know).

I hope you all enjoy this post. Have any of you tried this foundation? Have a great weekend.

P.S. I would love to do a giveaway soon but need help with ideas on the prizes, please let me know down below.

Beauty, Monthly beauty buys

Wet N Wild Ultimate match, review.


Foundation is something I keep buying over and over again. I love trying out new ones because I’m constantly on the search for the perfect foundation because I have dry skin. Lately I ran out of my Too faced born this way foundation and this time I decided to purchase something affordable and one I can wear every single day and not have to worry about re-purchasing or wasting a pricy one. I found this foundation at my grocery store for only two dollars so I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. I’ve been testing out this foundation for a week now and for the price its been doing a nice job, at least in my opinion.


This foundation is so light-weight, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which I love. It’s a nice consistency and perfect for my dry skin.

This foundation is light to medium coverage. Like the name of the foundation Ultimate match, it really sinks and blends into your skin. It looks like your skin but better. Once you have it on, it looks like I have nothing on and doesn’t leave me any dry patches either.

This foundation starts fading after five hours but I don’t mind fixing it with some powder throughout the day and it doesn’t crease under my eyes. Also if you are one of those people who loves to apply foundation powder over your liquid foundation like me, it won’t look cakey on you.

I apply this foundation with my Tarte airbrush foundation brush because it applies on better and with my damped beauty blender it applies super sheer. I didn’t like it with the beauty blender dry either because I feel like the sponge sucks in all the product for this foundation, maybe because its very light-weight.

The good thing about this foundation is that it will protect your skin from the sun because it has SPF 15, the downside is, it smells like sunscreen which I don’t mind one bit. It’s not a over-powering smell.

If you have any questions about this Wet N Wild, Ultimate match foundation let me know.



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Benefit Hoola zero tan lines REVIEW.


I’m so sorry for the delay on this post. But I wanted to do a dedicated post on the Benefit tanning lotion with before and after pictures. I thought the pictures would be helpful to some of you, just in case you’ve been thinking about buying this product. Like I said before, I love this, I think it works really great. But this blog is about honesty and the only thing I hate about this is that it doesn’t last as long as my trusty Jergens lotion. The Benefit one is good for a day and the following day when you shower it will be right off. That’s the only down fall about this product. But that is something to think about before purchasing it. I say this is a perfect product for those last minute date nights or daytime activities you have to go to. I hope you enjoy this post. I really love how when I apply this, it gives you a instant tan, unlike my Jergens one where you have to wait about a hour or two. If you have any questions about this product please let me know.


I used one coat to get my desired color. This tanning lotion is very buildable. As you can see my legs are very white. As I’ve said, it doesn’t make you look orange, at least I dont think so.


Have a great weekend. Sorry for not posting links again. Don’t know when I will be purchasing a keyboard for my tablet. I tried fixing my keyboard but no luck.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.


Beauty, Monthly beauty buys

Monthly Beauty Buys.


If I could wear only one product on my eyes, it would be mascara. I love a good mascara, I’ve tried so many, I wish I blogged about them before. I recently ran out of my BareMinerals mascara and been on the hunt for a affordable one. This time around I decided to try the Covergirl and Revlon mascaras and I really love them. I know I will be re-purchasing them and I love how they make my lashes look. What are some mascaras you are currently loving right now or want to try but haven’t got around to buy? I really hope you all enjoy this post. I have a few posts coming up and I’m excited to share with you all. Would any of you be interested in a post about some of my summer reads recommendations from my collection of books? I would love to hear from you.


Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara – This is a super affordable mascara, its only $5.99 at Target.

Pros –  Doesn’t clump, adds volume and defines your lashes.

Cons – Dries very quickly

The only thing I didn’t like about this is the color, I bought the brown one by accident.


CoverGirl The Super Sizer Fibers Mascara – Purchased this at Target for only $5.99, so very affordable. I love how this makes my lashes look. I don’t like wearing false lashes, so this is a great alternative for me.

Pros – Applies evenly, separates and brushes lashes very good.

Cons – Dries out quickly.


For both mascaras it took me three coats to get the length and fullness that I wanted. They both look very similar. I think if I would’ve purchased the Revlon one in black, it would’ve looked the same as the Covergirl one. The whole drying fast is a pro and a con at the same time, we want our mascara to dry fast so we won’t have those sneezing accidents, (why must I always sneeze when applying mascara and get a smudged look?) and we also don’t want it to dry fast because it will be hard to layer another coat. If you want to add multiple coats, I recommend you do it really fast. But overall I’m very happy with both products. Also I didn’t curl my lashes for either eye, so that is another pro about these two, you don’t have to curl your lashes to add some length.



Beauty, Monthly beauty buys

Born this way foundation.


I recently purchased a new foundation that came out a year ago. I didn’t want to buy it right away because I wanted to watch videos and read blogs about that foundation first. Foundation is the only beauty product I really take my time with, I love doing my research on it because for me foundation is the most important thing on my face, at least in my opinion. I love to hear/read other peoples opinions first, then buy the product. What is one beauty product you take your time to purchase? I would love to know.


Too faced Born this way foundation : in the color Ivory. This foundation really is light-weight on the skin, definitely something I look for in a foundation. When you apply this it feels like nothing is on your face. The foundation really enhances your face in a good way, it gives you a little pick me up your actual no make-up face gives you. This foundation is like a filter, makes you look pretty and flawless.

The foundation lasted a long time on my skin which was a plus. I have dry to oily skin and I was a little scared it wouldn’t last long but it did.


While testing the foundation, I applied it two different ways on different days just to see which technique works best.

Beauty Blender: When using the beauty blender (damped)  I applied two pumps of foundation and put it on my skin and started blending away. The result was a nice flawless and smooth finish.

Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush : Like the beauty blender I applied two pumps of foundation and worked it into my skin. The result was a nice full coverage, air brushed look.

Both tools helped me get a nice dewy finish. But on the days when I’m on a rush I will be  using the brush because it gets the job done faster.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will answer them as soon as I can. But I really love this foundation and I like the natural glow it gives me. Will you be trying this foundation out? Or have you tried it already and did you like it?



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So I’ve been debating on whether or not I should talk about the whole Champagne glow collection because I recently found out from Jaclyn’s snap chat that Becca is removing the eye shadow palette because a lot of people didn’t like the formula and long story short, they aren’t selling that palette anymore. I did buy the palette and champagne toast is a very pretty color but the formula isn’t that great and pigmented, the shadows feel like little kid makeup if that makes any sense. That’s all I have to say about the shadows. But the rest of the collection I love and I’m excited to share it with all of you. You really can tell Jaclyn worked hard on it, as well as Becca cosmetics. Hopefully you all get a chance to purchase something from the collection. I love everything people 🙂


The shade champagne pop.


The shade Prosecco Pop.


Rosé Spritz Blush  – Has shimmer and looks very natural on the cheeks.


Amaretto Blush – I love this as a bronzer, (perfect for my skin tone) also perfect for those no makeup, makeup days if you like a little blush on the apple of your cheeks.


Pamplemousse – I love this color for a flirty look and also its perfect for a date night. You don’t have to apply a lot since its very pigmented.


Shimmering skin perfector  Poured Crème in Champagne Pop – This color is very subtle and its perfect for those days when you want a legit natural glow. This isn’t as bright as the pressed version. I love it for those no makeup, makeup days. Believe me if you want a natural glow buy this or the liquid form.


Below are the highlights next to each other.


I wanted to show you of the highlights close together so you can see all three at the same time. I say three because the champagne pop poured crème is a little different from the pressed version of champagne pop. Poured crème is more warm and a little natural looking and the other is more bright and gold-ish. Prosecco pop is more of a gold yellow. I thought this would be helpful for you all to see how they all look.


Ps. DOES anyone know if Sephora will still take my eye shadow palette even though one broke? I won’t be using the palette but I dropped it and one cracked.







Monthly beauty buys

Monthly beauty buys.


As promised, I will be showing my monthly buys whether its beauty or fashion. Today is another beauty round-up and some of these are re-purchases, I hope you all enjoy this post. And I would love to know some of your beauty and fashion purchases, or something you have been wanting to buy, maybe I haven’t tried, or heard the stuff you all want, etc.



Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Makeup I’m always on the search for a new foundation, I recently threw away five because they were already old and some were too dark or too pale for me. This time I decided to go for this Neutrogena one. This foundation is buildable, medium to full coverage, doesn’t clog pores and lasts all day on the skin. I really love this foundation and don’t know why it took me this long to try it.


Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal I’ve bought this  concealer 3 times already because I just love it so much. I love the texture and the coverage. This one and the Maybelline fit me concealer are my favorites. I really recommend this to everyone especially if you have a hard time covering your dark circles. I like to apply this with my fingers for a more intense coverage and then after just blend out the rest with a beauty blender.


Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer I’ve been using this tanning lotion for the longest time now and I love how it leaves my skin looking glowy. In opinion this does not look orange, I wish I had before and after pictures. Let me know if you would love a review on this with photos and I will be happy to do so. In high school I used the spray version and silly me decided to use the day of my prom for the first time and when I go to dinner you were able to see the spots I aimed at first, I had to go to the bathroom and scrub scrub scrub my legs till the spots were gone, it was a nightmare. Staying away from sprays.


Kiss Looks so natural eye lashes – I’ve tried the single ones last year and I was obsessed. I recently purchased these at Bed Bath and Beyond and these look so much natural then the other ones I have bought before, these are new and it does say look natural which, they do once they are on.


Miss Spa Facial Sheet Mask Brighten Trial Size   I love trying any mask that will brighten and even my skin. I really enjoyed this mask. When I saw this at target I had to get it and test it out. I love how this one is paraben, fragrance, artificial dye free. This mask was very cooling on the skin and it worked beautifully. They have a total of five different ones. Now that I tried this one, I will be going back for the others.


Burt’s Bees Redwood Forest Lip Crayon This color is just beyond pretty and it reminds me so much of Fall. I love how it has a hint of a brown undertone when its on the lips. I’m obsessed with the collection, I do own Sedona sands and its a pretty nude.


Rimmel London Scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner – I was in much need of a new eyeliner and I love this one because it has a felt tip and its super easy for me to do a small cat-eye and I can easily thicken the cat-eye if I would like. This didn’t transfer on to my lid and it dried fast and lasted all day on the eyes.