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Obsessed with these pieces. I know for sure that I will get a lot of use out of them because they are classic and basic but they all have a fun texture, style and color to the point where they are wearable for every day.


Red loose sweater – So if you all read my last blog post then you know this was on my wishlist. When I saw it at H&M I grabbed it so fast and it was in my size, the last one. It was ment to be. The sweater is so soft and comfy. It is loose but true to size. It is going to look so cute with my high-waisted jeans and black faux leather skirt to add some fun texture. (Size small)

High-waist jeans – I have been on the hunt for the perfect high-waisted jeans. These are so comfy, they fit well, have a good stretch, make your booty look good and they are soft not rough. Definitely going back to buy more colors. (Size 6)

Forever 21

Lace up skirt – I couldn’t find the one I bought in the store but I did link a similar one. But I really love the lace up detail because it’s different and out of my comfort zone. Plus it is going to look cute with a tucked in sweater or shirt.

Faux leather mini skirt – I love the fit of this skirt. It hugs you in all the right places and it has a nice stretch to it as well. It’s not a super thick skirt but definitely breatheable. Faux leather skirt are perfect for casual to dressy looks. Can’t wait to wear mine with some sneakers or heels depending on where I go.

Camis – I used to wear camis in every color in high school just like that alone and I love pairing them under t-shirts as well. Now that I’m older I love the idea of wearing these tanks alone for a sexy look with a choker on. I got one in black and in white. I love to wear these tanks with strapless bras so it doesn’t look too casual of that makes any sense. I want the tanks to look dressed up.

Have any of you purchased anything from your wishlist? I still have a few things that I want for my fall wardrobe but what’s the point if the weather here don’t allow me to buy cold appropriate clothes. sad.

fashion · Monthly buys

Forever 21 purchases.



1. Off the shoulder peasant top.  – I wore this top already with some blue jeans and black booties. If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I posted a outfit of the day on Saturday. The top is super comfortable and it stayed on very well throughout the day while running errands.

2. Faux suede choker set. – This choker set looked so cute paired with the off the shoulder peasant top. I love how the chokers are individuals so I can wear them separate if I wanted to. Towards the end of the night I ended up wearing the black choker by itself to a festival.

3. Round sungless – I couldn’t find the link to these exact ones for some odd reason but I was able to find these round ones. I wanted to return the ones I bought because I don’t like them as much anymore but I threw the tags away. Or maybe I will learn to love them. The ones I purchased have black lenses and gold hardware.

4. Floral mock neck bodysuit – I immediately became obsessed with this bodysuit when I watched my favorite youtuber Ashley Brooke How to style prints for winter lookbook. Ashley actually hauled that bodysuit first and you can watch the video here. I love how she dresses. Anyone else watch her videos? I am very sorry the top is no longer available. I ordered mine in December and I got lucky enough to find one for my sister at the actual store and it was the last one there.


5. Faux leather Chelsea boots. –  I’ve been on the hunt for some Chelsea boots and when I saw these I had to order them because they are affordable and has a nice little heel. I also wore these with my off the shoulder peasant top and they are the most comfortable booties ever.

6. V-neck cami tank. – I needed just a basic tabk top to lounge around the house and wear to a two day event festival I went to this weekend. It was super comfortable. I love wearing these basic tanks almost everyday with some layers or with none.

7. Distressed denim cut-offs. – These shorts were a last minute purchase because I needed shorts for my festival as well as one more top I will mention. The shorts have the perfect amount of destress and I love how it is at the bottom of the thigh area.

8. Plaid cotton shirt. – This top kept me warm after the festival I went to was over. I had it wrapped around my waist the whole night because I was hot but once I got outside it was freezing.


I am very sorry I didn’t show a better picture of the striped crop top with the knot. I did not find a link for it and forgot to take a picture of it by itself when I was focused on the cover photo.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.

fashion · Monthly buys

Thrifted denim. A new project.

I recently went to the thrift store and I have been on the hunt for some Levi Strauss denim in two specific colors, medium wash and light wash. Sadly on this visit I only found a medium wash in my size, I did find a light wash pair but it wasn’t in my size and I was super bummed. My plan was to make them into high-waisted jeans for spring and summer. But now that I’ve been seeing vintage Levi’s with uneven and fringed hem lines, I kinda want to cut up my jeans hem and try these two trends I’ve been obsessed with. The denim I thrifted fit good and the jeans are nice and stretchy which I love. I am still confused as to what to do with my newly thrifted gem but I’m sure I will come up with something. I can do so much with them. What do you think I should do with my pair? Should I try the uneven trend, fringed hem or cut them into shorts? What are your lovely thoughts?



Uneven Hem Jean. 

I love the look of the uneven hem. This is a very popular trend right now and I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers styling this trend in such unique ways. I love this trend with some black booties. This trend gives the jeans a nice little detail that isn’t too boring and plain.


Image 1, Image 2,  Image 3,


Fringed Hem Jeans.

The look of fringe hem jeans is so cute, it will make a plain outfit look so much cooler and fun. This look will add some fun flare to your outfit, it can make pumps, sandals and booties look amazing paired together.


Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.


Remember to be confident and love yourself. ❤

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Monthly buys

Monthly Buys: Lush cosmetics


I’ve been re-purchasing these two items for a long time now and I’m a huge fan of Lush. I have tried a few different things from Lush already and everything I try out, I love. All the products have directions and descriptions of what the item is for, etc. You can order online or go to a store near you. I prefer to go to the store because I want to know what I’m buying, unless I already know its going to work for me then I order it online. I will be doing  a separate post on all the products I have tried and fell in love with. Have any of you tried lush products? If so let me know and what do you recommend, maybe I haven’t tried what you’ve bought. Thank you all so much for reading and I’m working on a giveaway, I’m just trying to gather a little more things. If you think I should give away something from Lush I would love to know the specific item.


Remember to always love yourself and be confident. ❤


Mask of Magnanimity (self-preserving) – One thing I love about this mask is the fact that you don’t have to put this one inside the fridge, some masks you do. I love the smell of this which is not a very strong minty scent, its very subtle. If you don’t like the smell of mint, I don’t recommend you buy this. When you apply if you can really feel the coolness, tingly and freshness of this mask but its not a super intense feeling, that’s one thing I was afraid of when I was about to try it for the first time. I love to apply this mask before I go to bed only because I really want it to do its job. This mask has helped me with my breakouts and any texture I have in my forehead. But if you have a hard time waking up in the morning and have time, apply this as soon as you wake up and the smell will waken you up. I leave this mask on for a good 15-30 minutes. I used this at least three times a week. Or whenever I want to pamper myself. Its a nice little luxury item to have for those days you want to treat your skin to something nice. I love to apply just a little on a damped face just so it won’t feel as dry on me but that’s just my preference.


All I need but you can apply as much as you would like.


Rub Rub Rub shower scrub –  When I first used this, I immediately fell in love with the smell. The smell of orange blossoms gets me all happy. This smell reminds me of my childhood trips to the Monterey Wharf and I get super nostalgic. Its not sweet scent, its just FRESH. I love using this every other two to three days just to make it last long. The beads on this scrub are very gents and as you start rubbing the scrub on your body, it starts meting into your skin and gives you a nice silky smooth finish. I even love this because it keeps my bathroom smelling so good. If you are sensitive to salt scrubs, indont recommend you use this.


A little closer look of the scrub.

All Lush products are cruelty free. They are vegan friendly and prices are reasonable. I really recommend the products to anyone. I love this brand. Make sure youmsave your big tubs, when you take five empty ones back you get a free mask.


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fashion · Monthly buys

Monthly Buys.


Recently I’ve been wanting to buy some jewelry that is back in style and something out of my comfort zone. I love jewelry because it can really add a nice touch to your outfit and instantly give it life. I hope you enjoy this short post. Let me know if you would love to see a blog post on how I style this choker or the earrings. I will only post it, if you want to see my take on styling these two pieces.


Gold-Tone Pave Geo Jacket Earrings

I saw Kristin Cavallari wear some earrings like this on her instagram and they looked so cute on her. So when I saw this at my work, I had to get them. I love how they are not too much of statement but yet, very subtle as well. You can wear both pieces at once or just take the jacket (back piece) and just wear the stud by itself.

Similar ones here, here, and here.


Faux Leather Choker

I love this choker because it has mixed textures and the silver bar detail caught my attention. The faux leather has a little texture to it and its soft. I’ve been wearing this almost everyday since I’ve bought it. Right now almost every store has chokers in many different styles. I will definitely be buying some more to add to my collection. I don’t think this trend is going anywhere.