Lush, Oatifix review.

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Lush Cosmetics Oatifix Fresh Face Mask – This mask has been on my (must purchase) list for a while now. While stocking up on my two favorite products from Lush, which you can read about here, I took my 5 empty pots to get a free mask. When the employee asked me what mask I wanted for free, I had told him which mask will help my skin stay hydrated and moisturized and he said, “Oatifix, for sure” and I immediately said, “great, I will take that one because it has been on my list to try.” This mask smells so delicious, you will want to eat it.

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This mask is really good for dry and irritated skin. Lately here in San Francisco it has been so cold and when it’s cold my skin gets really dry and irritated. Since this is for my dry skin, I intend to use it on the days I work because once I get home, I can feel my dry skin and we always have the A.C. on at work and that makes my skin worse and when I get home all I want to do is nurture my skin back to life after taking off my makeup.

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I love to leave my mask on for 15-30 minutes, that’s what I do with all of my masks not just the Lush one’s. I really want all the ingredients to do it’s magic when I put any skin care product. When rinsing the mask off, I love to gently massage it and get the blood flowing, plus after a long day I can use a nice facial massage. After I rinse the mask, it leaves a nice moist finish but not a greasy feeling, just a nice hydrated feel. I really recommend this to all my fellow dry skin people. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I would also love to know what you recommend I try and what you love from Lush.

The only thing I dislike about this mask is, you have to keep it in the fridge. I always forget about them and eventually they get hard. But it does feel nice when you put on a cold mask.

Remember to love yourself and be confident. 💜


Review: Benefit They’re real tinted primer.


I was gifted this Benefit They’re real tinted primer mascara as a secret santa gift. I was super happy when I opened my Sephora gift box because I have been wanting to try this product out. So whoever gifted me this, Thank you. I have been testing this product out since I received it to see if it is worth reviewing for the blog. Guess what? It is. I have been using this almost every single day since Christmas eve.


Before without product – I wanted to show you all a picture of my lashes without anything on them. My lashes are short and thin. Sadly I was not gifted with long eye lashes.

With tinted primer only – I love using the tinted primer by itself on my no make-up, make-up days. This primer adds enough length and color to my lashes where it makes them look natural. On the photo, I only applied one coat.

Mascara over primer – I applied my Kiko Milano mascara over the tinted primer and I love the combo makes my eye lashes look.


Now let’s talk about why I love this product.

1. You can wear it by itself for some nice, natural looking lashes without anything else on.

2. The color is in Mink brown and it is the perfect shade for girls who have thin lashes like me.

3. The brush brushes out the lashes out evenly and adds just about the right amount of length.

4. You can add as many layers as you want and it will not clump your lashes.

5. It dries fast after applying but the good thing is, you can apply your favorite mascara over it with no hassle because it leaves your lashes soft and moisturized.

Overall this is a very good product and I truly recommend this to all of you.

*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

fashion, Get into my closet.

Get into my closet. N1.

Spring is coming and I am already thinking about my Spring wardrobe. Today I want to share some of my picks that I’m currently wanting for my closet so I can wear. I will be starting my Spring cleaning soon, (my closet) and donating clothes I wont be transitioning from winter to spring. I want to make room for some new clothes. While looking for new pieces for spring, I want to pick out clothing I can wear over and over again but in different ways of course. I want classic pieces with a hint of trendy. I hope you all enjoy this new series on the blog called, Get into my closet which will be about me showing you what I want in my closet so I can wear on a daily basis. Hope you all had a great weekend.


1. Dress with frilled sleeves. – I have a denim dress with lace-up details on the chest area, with short sleeves in a dark wash color but this one from Zara is so pretty. I love the frilled sleeves and I think it will look cute with my cropped leather jacket and the frills peeking out of the sleeves for a date night look with some cute strappy heels.

2. Denim crop top. This is a perfect crop top. So wearable for the day with some black or grey joggers and so cropped ankle jeans for the night time.

3. Long denim jacket. When I saw this long denim jacket, I immediately pictured myself wearing it with my floral mock neck bodysuit, medium washed, distress denim skirt and some sock ankle booties.


1. Cropped shirt. The sleeves on this top gives the blouse a girly, romantic feel. I can already see myself wearing it with some white skinny jeans and nude espadrille wedges.

2. Gingham check top. I remember Gingham was a huge trend a few years ago and I never purchased anything in that print because no top caught my attention. I love the silhouette of this top, it has a fun and quirky look.

3. Colorful metallic top. I do not own anything with jewel tone stripes especially something with a metallic finish. I love the colors, I love how it’s stripes, (classic print) this top will look adorable paired with a high-waisted leather skirt.


1. High-rise mini flare jeans. I feel like every girl has at least one pair of white denim but not ones with frayed hems. I love how these are flared, frayed and cropped. These will look cute with just about anything and are a perfect staple for spring.

2. Fringed hem skirt. I can already tell this skirt will be perfect for a nice beach day with some slide strappy sandals and some pretty heels at night time. The slit gives this skirt a nice and sexy touch.

3. High-rise wax trousers. I have been wanting a pair of wax trousers but I have been having a hard time finding a pair that fits me good. Hopefully if I decide to get these they will fit perfect.


1. Crossover suede sandals. The crossover strap and color both are a wearable and trendy must have heel for my wardrobe because they will go with everything.

2. Stretch leather ankle boot. This color is so pretty. If paired right, yellow can go with anything you wear.

3. Crossover leather wedges. This type of shoe I would be scare to wear because they look a little granny-ish but the leather detail and wedge can give a outfit a nice casual edge.

*Not sponsored. I just decided to pick Zara because they always have the cutest things.

Cover photo via, Pinterest.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.


D.I.Y. Uneven Hem


As most of you know from my two previous post, here. I’ve been wanting to try out this trend for a while because it just looks different, fun and cool. The uneven hem makes the Jeans look more better and gives it a nice touch. While on pinterest I saw a lot of cute pictures or women styling this trend. Just recently I saw these uneven hem jeans at H&M and I wanted to buy them but I thought I would cut up some of my old jeans and test it out first. The jeans I was going to use, I ended up cutting them into shorts, so I went with a pair I bought two years ago at my job. I don’t like how they look from the bottom so I thought I would make them look a little better and trendy-er. Also previous to falling in love with this trend, I watched a video from Ashley Brooke and followed her steps. I hope you all enjoy this post.


Have any of you tried this trend? If you are going to DIY some uneven hem jeans, please be careful because I ended up cutting myself. I couldn’t find my seam ripper and ended up using my X-acto knife.


The ending results turned out good but I will be distressing them more and add some shredded details to the bottom. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully I get to find some uneven hem jeans in my size soon because I am obsessed and I think they will be perfect for Spring. If you want to see how I styled these jeans, follow me on instagram @imjeanette_


fashion, Monthly buys

Forever 21 purchases.



1. Off the shoulder peasant top.  – I wore this top already with some blue jeans and black booties. If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I posted a outfit of the day on Saturday. The top is super comfortable and it stayed on very well throughout the day while running errands.

2. Faux suede choker set. – This choker set looked so cute paired with the off the shoulder peasant top. I love how the chokers are individuals so I can wear them separate if I wanted to. Towards the end of the night I ended up wearing the black choker by itself to a festival.

3. Round sungless – I couldn’t find the link to these exact ones for some odd reason but I was able to find these round ones. I wanted to return the ones I bought because I don’t like them as much anymore but I threw the tags away. Or maybe I will learn to love them. The ones I purchased have black lenses and gold hardware.

4. Floral mock neck bodysuit – I immediately became obsessed with this bodysuit when I watched my favorite youtuber Ashley Brooke How to style prints for winter lookbook. Ashley actually hauled that bodysuit first and you can watch the video here. I love how she dresses. Anyone else watch her videos? I am very sorry the top is no longer available. I ordered mine in December and I got lucky enough to find one for my sister at the actual store and it was the last one there.


5. Faux leather Chelsea boots. –  I’ve been on the hunt for some Chelsea boots and when I saw these I had to order them because they are affordable and has a nice little heel. I also wore these with my off the shoulder peasant top and they are the most comfortable booties ever.

6. V-neck cami tank. – I needed just a basic tabk top to lounge around the house and wear to a two day event festival I went to this weekend. It was super comfortable. I love wearing these basic tanks almost everyday with some layers or with none.

7. Distressed denim cut-offs. – These shorts were a last minute purchase because I needed shorts for my festival as well as one more top I will mention. The shorts have the perfect amount of destress and I love how it is at the bottom of the thigh area.

8. Plaid cotton shirt. – This top kept me warm after the festival I went to was over. I had it wrapped around my waist the whole night because I was hot but once I got outside it was freezing.


I am very sorry I didn’t show a better picture of the striped crop top with the knot. I did not find a link for it and forgot to take a picture of it by itself when I was focused on the cover photo.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.

fashion, Monthly buys

Thrifted denim. A new project.

I recently went to the thrift store and I have been on the hunt for some Levi Strauss denim in two specific colors, medium wash and light wash. Sadly on this visit I only found a medium wash in my size, I did find a light wash pair but it wasn’t in my size and I was super bummed. My plan was to make them into high-waisted jeans for spring and summer. But now that I’ve been seeing vintage Levi’s with uneven and fringed hem lines, I kinda want to cut up my jeans hem and try these two trends I’ve been obsessed with. The denim I thrifted fit good and the jeans are nice and stretchy which I love. I am still confused as to what to do with my newly thrifted gem but I’m sure I will come up with something. I can do so much with them. What do you think I should do with my pair? Should I try the uneven trend, fringed hem or cut them into shorts? What are your lovely thoughts?



Uneven Hem Jean. 

I love the look of the uneven hem. This is a very popular trend right now and I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers styling this trend in such unique ways. I love this trend with some black booties. This trend gives the jeans a nice little detail that isn’t too boring and plain.


Image 1, Image 2,  Image 3,


Fringed Hem Jeans.

The look of fringe hem jeans is so cute, it will make a plain outfit look so much cooler and fun. This look will add some fun flare to your outfit, it can make pumps, sandals and booties look amazing paired together.


Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.


Remember to be confident and love yourself. ❤

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Navy Blue


My first outfit post of the year and I am very excited. I didn’t think the outfit would look good once I had it on but I have to disagree with myself. The only problem I had was if the brown belt would look good paired with black and blue colors. To my understanding the brown belt actually separated the colors from clashing too much. I was worried that the navy blue cardigan and jeans would be too matchy-matchy and also the black bodysuit, boots and hat. The brown belt gave the outfit a nice balance.



What will you be doing to be confident this year? Or what makes you confident? I would love to know because that is my main focus on this blog, this is why I started this blog to begin with, confidence. I will explain more throughout other posts but I am writting a dedicated post on why it’s my main focus. It is taking a while because I want it to be perfect and I want you all to understand where I’m coming from. But I would love to read some of the questions I asked.