Juno & Co Microfiber velvet sponge


Hello Everyone. Happy 2019!

Beauty sponges come in all different shapes and sizes. A lot of makeup brands have their own sponges but not all of them work good because some of them soak up your foundation, they rip easily or they don’t feel nice, some people don’t  love the bouncy  sponges and others don’t love the stiffness but some do. I have tried so many makeup sponges which you can read about it here.

Today I want to talk about a beauty sponge that I have seen all over Instagram and Youtube. First I watched Brunette Freckle video and all the others she posted about the sponge. Long story short Iris loved it and she had extras and she gifted me one to try out. I also watched Kathleen Lights video and Kayleigh Noelle video. They all loved it.



This microfiber velvet sponge is super affordable, it is only $6 and you can find it on the Juno & Co website. This sponge is made with velvet soft microfibers and it blends out your foundation so good. It gives you a very good airbrushed, full coverage finish. This sponge does not soak up any of your foundation at all. You can even do your whole face with this one sponge including your cream blushes and bronzers to your powders.

I was shocked when I used this sponge, it does however leave you a matte look just to throw it out there but I have no problem with it because I’m not much of a dewy person. I have no problems when cleaning this sponge the product comes off easily. You can use this sponge dry but I prefer it wet because it gets bigger and bouncier.


Don’t be scared of the tiny microfibers they will not transfer and pill to your face. I know when I tried the elf cosmetics dual sided  silicone blender it left all the black felt from the flocked side after the second use. All-in-all I love this Juno & Co sponge and I would totally recommend this to all of you. They have so many other sponges that I haven’t tried yet. They also have makeup brushes that I want to try as well. I’m so sorry I don’t have before and after pictures of my foundation with two different sponges. If you would like to see how this sponge performs VS a regular sponge like the Morphe one please let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Maybelline Face Studio Blender Review.


This Maybelline sponge is hands down my favorite from the drugstore. It is super affordable (hey $5) and you can purchase it at Wal-mart or Ulta. When you wet the sponge it gets to a pretty good size, I’m sorry I do not have a side by side comparison of the sponge wet and dry. When I apply the foundation onto my damped sponge it doesn’t soak up any product and it gives my face a nice airbrushed look. As seen on the photo above 1) on the curve you can grip for precision and accuracy 2) for blending large areas with your foundation 3) to blend hard to reach areas such as around your nose and under and inner eye area. You will see that in the end this sponge gives you a nice seamless look.

I give this sponge 5 stars. I truly recommend this to you all if you are on the hunt for a affordable beauty sponge.


These are some of the sponges I have tried, I only dislike one and I will explain why. I love trying new sponges every chance I get. These are all pretty affordable minus one but you do get what you pay for or better.

1. EcoTools total perfecting blender – This is the most affordable sponge. You can use this wet or dry for a nice air brushed look. It doesn’t soak up any product and you can purchase this at Ulta, Wal-Mart and Target.

2. Beauty Blender Pro – This beauty blender is perfect for those darker products that are hard to clean. This product also gets super moist which helps to use your product even more so it doesn’t soak up.

3. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge – This sponge was not good. When you damp it, it is still hard and not bouncy at all. It soaked up my foundation and it ripped easily. It’s multi use but I really don’t recommend this.

4. Original Beauty Blender – The famous beauty blender. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like this sponge. I love it a lot and I think the price is pretty reasonable. It’s a multi use sponge. I love you use it damped, obviously. You can also use it dry for powders and it gives you a nice natural look.

5. Real Techniques Bold Metals Diamond Sponge –  The only thing I like about this sponge is that it’s latex free and it works good for hard to reach areas. What I hate about this sponge is that is absorbs my foundation so fast. Anyone else had this problem?

6. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – This is the best dupe for the original beauty blender. This doesn’t soak up product and it is nice and bouncy and super affordable. I love purchasing this sponge in the twin pack.

7. L’Oreal Infallible Beauty Blender -This sponge is so soft to the touch and has a smooth surface which makes it easy to hold the product. I think it works really good wet or dry. When damped it gets nice and big. This doesn’t soak up any product. I really love this one.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have any of you tried any sponges not on this list? I would love to know some of your recommendations. This is out of topic but have any of you tried a silicone sponge yet? I really want to try one.