Review: Benefit They’re real tinted primer.


I was gifted this Benefit They’re real tinted primer mascara as a secret santa gift. I was super happy when I opened my Sephora gift box because I have been wanting to try this product out. So whoever gifted me this, Thank you. I have been testing this product out since I received it to see if it is worth reviewing for the blog. Guess what? It is. I have been using this almost every single day since Christmas eve.


Before without product – I wanted to show you all a picture of my lashes without anything on them. My lashes are short and thin. Sadly I was not gifted with long eye lashes.

With tinted primer only – I love using the tinted primer by itself on my no make-up, make-up days. This primer adds enough length and color to my lashes where it makes them look natural. On the photo, I only applied one coat.

Mascara over primer – I applied my Kiko Milano mascara over the tinted primer and I love the combo makes my eye lashes look.


Now let’s talk about why I love this product.

1. You can wear it by itself for some nice, natural looking lashes without anything else on.

2. The color is in Mink brown and it is the perfect shade for girls who have thin lashes like me.

3. The brush brushes out the lashes out evenly and adds just about the right amount of length.

4. You can add as many layers as you want and it will not clump your lashes.

5. It dries fast after applying but the good thing is, you can apply your favorite mascara over it with no hassle because it leaves your lashes soft and moisturized.

Overall this is a very good product and I truly recommend this to all of you.

*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


On rotation; Pore minimizers.



So as you see on the title, today I will be talking about two of my current favorite pore minimizers. I always have to have some sort of pore primer because my pores remind me of my phobia and I have to have them covered or else I will freak out when I see them, I have trypophobia by the way. Anyways both of the products I will be talking about today, do a good job covering my pores. I like to go back and fourth with these two depending on how I feel. I hope you all enjoy this post. What are some of your major phobias? I would love to know down below.


Remember to always love yourself and be confident.



The porefessional by Benefit cosmetics – I love this product. I’ve been using this for a long time now, I’m currently using a mini size one right now but its ok because I only need a little to cover up my pores. I love how this erases my pores and doesn’t show them as much. Over time, it still remains in tact and that’s why I love this.


Pore filler by Nyx cosmetics – When I first bought this I had ran out of my benefit porefessional and at the time I didn’t want to pay a lot for it so I opted for this one while shopping at Ulta. This one works the same as the benefit one but they look a little different, texture wise. The pore filler is stays for a long period of time on my skin and works great with my skin.


I wanted to show you all  picture of both pore minimizers. As you can tell the products are different in texture and consistency. The porefessional is a little more creamy and the nyx one is a little more thicker but when you mix it a little on the back of your hand and warm it up a little, it starts feeling like the benefit one.


I wanted to show you all a picture of what my skin looks like without the pore products and with the products. I used one of each on opposite sides as you can tell on the photo description. I just wanted to show a little overview on how they both work and I only used one coat and just pressed them against my skin.

What are some other good pore minimizers out there that you all recommend? If you read my blog you know that I’ve tried the e.l.f cosmetics and It cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder one. What other ones em I missing? Have a great weekend. Hopefully I will get a few outfit posts up this weekend. Thank you for reading.



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Current Four beauty favorites.


So today I want to show you some of my current beauty favorites. Some of these products are new to me and the others I’ve tried already but can’t live without them. I love trying new beauty products, 95% of the time I love them, 5% I hate but that’s rare. Like I’ve said before, I do my research on stuff I want to buy because I don’t like wasting money on things I’m not going to enjoy and I know I can return them but I hate the process of returning things. I hope you all enjoy the post. What are some of your current beauty favorites, I would love to know.


L’Oreal Voluminous carbon black mascara – This is a oldie but a goodie. I love how this makes my eye lashes look when I apply this. I love to apply two to three coats, depending on how my eye lashes are acting. I really recommend this to anyone who is getting into makeup or just want a good drugstore mascara. I purchased this at Walk-mart and you can also get this at Target, Walgreens or CVS.


NYX Above & Beyond full coverage concealer (green) – I love this so much, I might have to take it from my sister HA! Sometimes my under eye circles are dark and foundation and concealer don’t cover them up. When I apply this, I does cover up my dark circles. This product is very moisturizing under your eyes, it doesn’t make your under eyes crease up, doesn’t look cake and its not heavy on the eye either. I love to apply this before I apply foundation and concealer. I’ve seen this product at Target and Ulta, or you can order it on NYX website.


Benefit Stay flawless 15- hour primer – I love this primer. I tried this two years ago when I got it in my Benefit cosmetics advent calendar and when I used it, I fell in love with it. It doesn’t dry up my skin, it feels smooth and not heavy on the skin. This primer does make my makeup last long and I only apply to spots where my makeup tends to rub off which is my nose, forehead and smile lines. This is a product I love to go back to a lot.


Benefit Hoola zero tanlines – I really love this tanning lotion as much as my Jergens one. I love how this makes my legs look so flawless, smooth and toned. Like they say if you can’t tone it, tan it. In my opinion this doesn’t make my skin look orange which I love. This did transfer to my white shorts, maybe because I didn’t wait till my legs were properly dry. I recommend you let them dry properly for 10 minutes. I love the sponge applicator, it makes it so easy to get a even looking tan and it doesn’t leave any streaks and your hands don’t have to get messy either. This is totally worth the price.


I’m very sorry I couldn’t put links for this post. I still don’t have a keyboard for my tablet. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be doing a review on the Benefit zero tanlines lotion and on the NYX concealer. If that’s something you would love to see please let me know.