I love how this outfit is so casual and basic but still fun. This leopard cardigan was thrifted and it was still brand new. I love how the spike details on the shoulder gives this look a little edgy vibe and the cabby hat a fun twist.


These are the most comfortable high-waisted jeans from H&M and they were only $20.


Pausing from running errands to take a quick snap of the deets.

H&M – Hat (similar) & jeans

FOREVER21 – Cardigan (similar) Boots (similar) Tank

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Forever 21 purchases.



1. Off the shoulder peasant top.  – I wore this top already with some blue jeans and black booties. If you follow me on Instagram then you would know that I posted a outfit of the day on Saturday. The top is super comfortable and it stayed on very well throughout the day while running errands.

2. Faux suede choker set. – This choker set looked so cute paired with the off the shoulder peasant top. I love how the chokers are individuals so I can wear them separate if I wanted to. Towards the end of the night I ended up wearing the black choker by itself to a festival.

3. Round sungless – I couldn’t find the link to these exact ones for some odd reason but I was able to find these round ones. I wanted to return the ones I bought because I don’t like them as much anymore but I threw the tags away. Or maybe I will learn to love them. The ones I purchased have black lenses and gold hardware.

4. Floral mock neck bodysuit – I immediately became obsessed with this bodysuit when I watched my favorite youtuber Ashley Brooke How to style prints for winter lookbook. Ashley actually hauled that bodysuit first and you can watch the video here. I love how she dresses. Anyone else watch her videos? I am very sorry the top is no longer available. I ordered mine in December and I got lucky enough to find one for my sister at the actual store and it was the last one there.


5. Faux leather Chelsea boots. –  I’ve been on the hunt for some Chelsea boots and when I saw these I had to order them because they are affordable and has a nice little heel. I also wore these with my off the shoulder peasant top and they are the most comfortable booties ever.

6. V-neck cami tank. – I needed just a basic tabk top to lounge around the house and wear to a two day event festival I went to this weekend. It was super comfortable. I love wearing these basic tanks almost everyday with some layers or with none.

7. Distressed denim cut-offs. – These shorts were a last minute purchase because I needed shorts for my festival as well as one more top I will mention. The shorts have the perfect amount of destress and I love how it is at the bottom of the thigh area.

8. Plaid cotton shirt. – This top kept me warm after the festival I went to was over. I had it wrapped around my waist the whole night because I was hot but once I got outside it was freezing.


I am very sorry I didn’t show a better picture of the striped crop top with the knot. I did not find a link for it and forgot to take a picture of it by itself when I was focused on the cover photo.

Remember to be confident and love yourself.

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A little sunshine.


I love how this mustard, long tank is so versatile, you can wear it with shorts, jeans, legging or some opaque tights. The leather jacket gave this outfit a casual look for my morning day out with my sister and son at the Monterey Fishermans wharf for some lattes at a place called Water and Leaves. I love the outdoor seating the place has, its so calming and relaxing. I got there just before is started getting crowded. I really hope you all enjoy this post. Have a great weekend.


Remember to always love yourself and be confident.


Top- Forever21, Jacket-Zara, Booties-Loyal&Soul. Com




Overall cuteness.


Booties- Macy’s, Overalls- Target similar ones here, Tank- Tommy Hilfiger via Savers similar one here, Cardigan- H&M, Hat- Forever21

I’ve been really loving the overall trend lately, I have so many ideas on how to style this piece and I can’t wait to show them on the blog, (well as long as my twin sister don’t come back for them, HA!) when I saw these in my sister I was so jealous because she found a pair that fit perfect and I haven’t I had any luck finding a pair that I love and fit good. I’m more excited to style these in the fall time. I’m also bringing you this post because the booties I have on are on sale and these are too cute not to share with all you ladies, they come in two colors and I’m still debating if I should order the brown ones. I hope you all enjoy this post and thank you all so much for reading and I hope you all had a great Memorial day weekend.

P.S. the booties do run small so I recommend getting a half size up, trust me. Steve madden shoes do run small, I learned my lesson the second time.

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fashion · Monthly buys

Monthly Buys.


Recently I’ve been wanting to buy some jewelry that is back in style and something out of my comfort zone. I love jewelry because it can really add a nice touch to your outfit and instantly give it life. I hope you enjoy this short post. Let me know if you would love to see a blog post on how I style this choker or the earrings. I will only post it, if you want to see my take on styling these two pieces.


Gold-Tone Pave Geo Jacket Earrings

I saw Kristin Cavallari wear some earrings like this on her instagram and they looked so cute on her. So when I saw this at my work, I had to get them. I love how they are not too much of statement but yet, very subtle as well. You can wear both pieces at once or just take the jacket (back piece) and just wear the stud by itself.

Similar ones here, here, and here.


Faux Leather Choker

I love this choker because it has mixed textures and the silver bar detail caught my attention. The faux leather has a little texture to it and its soft. I’ve been wearing this almost everyday since I’ve bought it. Right now almost every store has chokers in many different styles. I will definitely be buying some more to add to my collection. I don’t think this trend is going anywhere.



Denim lace-up


Dress-Forever21 similar here here, Handbag- GbyGuess, Shoes- Ross similar here.


When I went to Forever 21 recently, I knew I had to buy this dress no matter what. I really love shift dresses and I don’t own a denim one. Since denim and anything lace-up is pretty much in this season, I just knew I had to have this for my spring wardrobe. Denim is a classic piece and can be worn year-round in my opinion. This is beyond perfect. I love the big pockets this dress has, it gives the dress a nice little innocent touch.

(P.S. I’m very aware I’m in need of a tan.)



Leopard and leather.






Well as promised here is a outfit post. I worked this outfit around my new lace-up flats. I’m so obsessed with these. I have all black ones already and now these. I’ve been looking for other colors but I can’t find them in my size. The store I went to only has black and leopard print ones and the lady was nice enough to say that she will work on getting more colors just like she promised me she would make a order of the leopard ones because the store only had black ones. I really want red ones next. I hope you lovelies enjoy this outfit post. I thought this outfit was perfect for work and it was a really cold and windy day. Please feel free to let me know down the comments your blog so I can check it out. Thank you for reading.

Remember to love yourself and have some confidence.


Leather moto vest- G by Guess seen here similar one here

Black ankle jeans- G by Guess seen here.

Long-sleeve shirt- Victoria’s Secrets similar one here.

Flats- local shop similar ones here lower price here

Necklace- Forever 21 here