Wet n wild Photo Focus Review


Today I want to talk about this Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this specific foundation. My twin sister recommended this to me and she loves it. I purchased it at Wal-mart for $4.68 and for the price this foundation is so good.


The formula is very lightweight. It is very easy to blend onto my skin. (I have combination skin by the wayway.) If you want to know how I prep my skin before I apply foundation let me know and I will do a blog post on it.

The foundation claims to be your skin but better. It also claims that when you take a flash photo it won’t leave you a white cast and it was tested under 7 different lights. I tried it with flash photography and I didn’t get a white cast.

This foundation in my opinion is medium to full coverage and it is buildable. On my face it lasts to about 11 to 12 hours and it starts rubbing off my nose but that’s expected from me because my nose tends to get oily.


I’m so glad I was having a bad skin day for this post because now you can see how good this foundation is. It covered mostly all my redness, dark spots, etc. This was with one layer of foundation and I applied it with my maybelline sponge, damped. Like the claim said, like your skin only better and I believe because look at the picture above, it gave me a flawless, even-toned finish.


Last picture is when my makeup is all done. I didn’t apply any concealer because I wanted to see if the foundation would crease up, it did. The side I didn’t apply setting powder to, ended up creasing after an hour. Overall I love this foundation. It lasted pretty long with and without setting powder. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



Covergirl Review.


Something I have mentioned here over and over again is that I love to try new foundations and mascara. I have seen a lot of beauty youtubers mention this mascara and foundation and for the most part everyone seems to love them. But like always, I’m always late to the bandwagon because I love to see and read reviews on makeup then I test it out for two weeks or a month. Now let’s get started and keep reading to find out my thoughts on these two products.

1. Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation.


This foundation lives up to it’s title, vitalist healthy elixir. It makes your skin look so healthy and fresh. It is very easy to glide onto the skin and very blendable. Since this foundation is contains antioxidants and vitamins it does smell like a skincare product but ai do not mind. It is full coverage and lightweight on the skin. All I add is two pumps to a damped ecotools sponge. You can pack up as much foundation and your skin wont feel heavy. I have dry skin to oily skin and this foundations lasts all long, at least for me it does. I wear the color Buff Beige.


This was taken last friday early in the morning in natural lighting. Now you can see that on the left I have no foundation and on the right I have foundation on and it makes your skin really look healthy and glowy. Right?

2. Covergirl Total Tease Mascara.


I really love this mascara this leaves your lashes nice and defined. The brush brushes your lashes evenly and makes them look nice and flirty. I love the brush has a tease comb at the end for some instant fun lift on the edges of your lashes. I really recommend this.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Have any of you tried these two?


Review: Benefit They’re real tinted primer.


I was gifted this Benefit They’re real tinted primer mascara as a secret santa gift. I was super happy when I opened my Sephora gift box because I have been wanting to try this product out. So whoever gifted me this, Thank you. I have been testing this product out since I received it to see if it is worth reviewing for the blog. Guess what? It is. I have been using this almost every single day since Christmas eve.


Before without product – I wanted to show you all a picture of my lashes without anything on them. My lashes are short and thin. Sadly I was not gifted with long eye lashes.

With tinted primer only – I love using the tinted primer by itself on my no make-up, make-up days. This primer adds enough length and color to my lashes where it makes them look natural. On the photo, I only applied one coat.

Mascara over primer – I applied my Kiko Milano mascara over the tinted primer and I love the combo makes my eye lashes look.


Now let’s talk about why I love this product.

1. You can wear it by itself for some nice, natural looking lashes without anything else on.

2. The color is in Mink brown and it is the perfect shade for girls who have thin lashes like me.

3. The brush brushes out the lashes out evenly and adds just about the right amount of length.

4. You can add as many layers as you want and it will not clump your lashes.

5. It dries fast after applying but the good thing is, you can apply your favorite mascara over it with no hassle because it leaves your lashes soft and moisturized.

Overall this is a very good product and I truly recommend this to all of you.

*This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation: Review.


Happy New Year to you all. Hopefully this year is better than the last. Let’s make it a great and confident year.

Today I want to talk about the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Longwear Liquid Foundation. Now this isn’t my own foundation, it’s my twin sisters and since I’ve been wanting to try it out, I thought I would test it out to see if I would love to commit to it. Long story short, I love it. Now let’s get into why I love it and why I think everyone else will love it too.


All Nighter Waterproof Longwear Liquid Foundation – This foundation claims to be full coverage, matte finish and oil free.


Ok now the test and why I love this foundation. I’m rating the foundation by the three things it say’s on the bottle.

1. Full Coverage – I used one pump and applied it with my fingers and blended with a damped beauty blender. I think it is full coverage, as you can see on the photo, it left a nice and airbrushed look and for one pump it covered my dark circles. With two pumps, I’m sure I would have none. But a yes to full coverage.

2. Matte Finish – When I applied this, it instantly looked matte. I have dry skin and this worked very well on me. Throughout the day it still stayed matte. So matte finish, yes.

3. Oil Free – When I pumped this onto the back of my hand to apply on my skin, it didn’t feel oily, doesn’t give my skin a shine either. So I believe that this foundation really is oil free.

Now the waterproof part worked out perfectly because I took my son a bath and when I took him out the bath tub he put his drenched hair on my face and instantly I thought, “NO!! My foundation is going to come off,” After I dresses him I checked my skin and it left no water marks, no lines of foundation coming off. My makeup was still put. I need to go buy own, ASAP. In case you are wondering I used the shade 3.0


I hope you all enjoyed this post and helped you all out in case you are deciding to buy this foundation. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.


Buxom Review


How many people still wear lip gloss? I haven’t wore lip gloss in a while. I would wear it all the time in High school, (my boyfriend hated it.) These Buxom lip glosses are so good and so is the whipped liquid lipstick. I love trying different makeup brands and Buxom is one that I’m really glad I tried. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about them and some bad but I didn’t let the bad get in the way of me trying them because everyone has a different opinion and we don’t all like the same things. I hope you all enjoy the post. Have any of you tried Buxom products? If so what do you love?


Wildly Whipped lightweight Liquid Lipstick – The whipped formula is what sold me on this. The texture feels so good when you apply it. It goes on very smoothly, very nice and pigmented, 2lasts all day and it is a semi matte finish. I would describe as a creamy matte finish, so if you are expecting a super matte finish, this isn’t for you. But I think if you apply a thin layer of this you can accomplish a super matte look. Since the consistency is a mousse/whipped texture it isn’t going to dry down completely matte because it is a teeny thick consistency. But I love people. This is the color Exhibitionist. The color is so pretty.


Full-On lip Polish – This lip gloss is such a pretty fuschia color in the name Jennifer. It’s very pretty for everyday if you are one of those people who doesn’t like to wear pink lip gloss. This gloss gives you a nice plump lip, very glossy finish, a little sticky which I don’t mind and it wears off through-out the day, what gloss doesn’t?


Full-on lip cream – This gloss in Pink Lady is my favorite color and I wear it every single day. It reminds me of my Urban Decay gloss in the color Walk of shame. I really want to try Buxom White Russian, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that color. Back to Pink Lady, this gloss has no shimmer which I love because shimmer on gloss can get annoying sometimes. This gloss has a mint scent to it, (it does plump) your lips.


Divine Goddess Luminizer – This is such a very subtle luminizer. Out of all the others I’ve tried, I love this one. It is a nice texture, not super shimmery like the others I have tried. I love to mix this in with my foundations to have a nice glow. Sometimes I love to add it on the top of my cheekbones instead of all over the face mixed with my foundation. The formula makes it easy to blend and take off.

If you would love to see a comparison on this with the Becca shimmering skin perfector let me know. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Remember to always live yourself and be confident.



Benefit cosmetics Review.


Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Eye Kit – I received this product as a prize from a blog and I’m excited because I know this is new and exclusive to Ulta. I love the colors in this kit. It has three double shadows which is a total of 6 shadows. They are all wearable and perfect for those everyday makeup looks and its easy to transition them to night time for a nice and sexy sultry eye look. They are very smooth shadows and easy to blend. The little sponge applicator is a nice touch but I don’t think I will be using it honestly. I prefer to use my makeup brushes.


The applicator was easy to use and maneuver. I started in the inner corner and moved my way out to the outer part of my eye. I love how easily it applied the shadow but I was afraid to add more shadow to it because I didn’t want to mix the colors on the lids.


Naughty neutral is what I applied on my lids.


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Shadow Primer – I love this eye shadow primer. It is so easy to apply and blend onto the lids. I first tried this when I purchased my Benefit advent calendar and I’ve been in love with this ever since. I love how it makes my shadow last all day even on those hot icky days. This primer doesn’t crease my eye shadow which is a big plus because I don’t want to worry about it creasing. I have two shades and both work well with my skin tone. I don’t think it matters which one you purchase because it really makes no difference. I also love to apply this under my eyes to keep my concealer in place. This isn’t oily at all so if you have oily or dry skin it will work well with you.



Benefit They’re Real Mascara – This mascara gives me great length which I always look for in a mascara. It brushes in easily to my lashes and spreads them really good. I love to use two coats of this or three depending on the look I’m going for. You can apply some throughout the day and not ruin your lashes as well. It doesn’t give me much fullness which I hate, I love my lashes to look very full.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Check out the products to see if you want to buy some for yourself or someone you know. I provided links for you all. Have a great week.

Remember to be confident and love yourself. ❤






Tarte Tartiest Deluxe Review.


Two things I’m constantly trying are lip products and eye liners. I feel like girls want to find that perfect formula and long lasting lip product and the perfect eye liner that is going to last all day, not smudge or transfer to our crease. These products are from this years holiday kits which you can find at Ulta and Sephora, (sorry I threw the packaging away.) I love little sets because you can try out a few colors without regretting the purchase and not liking it in the end. Plus they are in deluxe sizes and it gives you a few times to try it out and see if you want to buy all of them in the full size and commit to them. In the long run I think little sets are worth it because you get a variety and what girl doesn’t want every color in the collection? I know I do. I will be talking about the Limitless Lippies Deluxe Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set and the Gallery Gals Deluxe Tarteist Eyeliner Set. I will leave you all as much information I can about the sets. I hope you all enjoy this post.



Limitless Lippies Deluxe Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set – This set came with two boxes, so a total of Eight shades but I only have one box because I actually won all this in a giveaway. So when you purchase the set you get two boxes instead of one. You can purchase it at Ulta if you want to get your hands on it and it is $42. These lip paints feel so creamy and mousse-y when you apply them, I love applying them on my lips because that feeling is so smooth. They are very pigmented, not drying on the lips at all and they last on the lips for a long time. They do transfer just a little bit as well which I don’t mind. They are easy to remove with a damp napkin, towel or makeup remover. I really don’t have negative things to say about this set.

Below are pictures on how they look on my lips with some morning natural lighting and my skin tone is fair in case you are wondering because I know shades look different on certain skin tones. I love all the shades and the names are so cute.


The ones at the top are perfect for daytime and the bottom for nighttime.


Gallery Gals Deluxe Tartiest Eyeliner Set – I’m very much happy I won this set because I’ve been dying to try these gel liners. When they first came out I wanted to commit to the full size and buy the black one but I was asking myself, “what if I don’t like it?” so that always pushed me away from the product. Now I get try these four shades which are very pretty. These are nice and creamy, very easy to apply and pigmented. The brush gives you a lot of control and lets you thicken your winged liner. They dry out matte which is a total plus, I prefer matte finishes with my gel or liquid liners. You get four pretty shades that look beautiful by themselves and no eye shadow on the eyes. This retails for $19 at Sephora.


Bronze shade.


Aubergine shade.


Navy shade.


Black shade.


Lastly this pretty, two-sided brush. You get a nice angled and pencil tip brush. They pick up the product nicely and apply beautiful.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. I would love to know what you think about this post and also what are some advent calendars you want to see on my giveaway I will be hosting in November? I want to pick up two beauty advent calendars and send them out before December so two of you can enjoy opening something everyday till Christmas.


Be confident and love yourself always. ❤