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Current favorites.


Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about my current favorites that I think all of you will enjoy. I have been using these three products for about a month trying to get a good use out of them so I can really explain how they really work. All these three products are really good and definitely will be re-purchasing.


E.l.f HD lifting concealer – This concealer is so good and it is only $3. Now the only negative I have about this product is that it only comes in three shades. I bought the lightest one in the shade light and as seen above it is a little dark for my skin tone. I still tested this product out and once I apllied it, it actually blended into my skin really well and covered up my dark circles. This concealer claims to minimize your fine lines and uplifts your under eye area which I totally agree, when I applied this I instantly saw my eyes look more open and youthful looking. I wish I took before and after pictures but if you want to see a photo let me know and I will post a picture on instagram or here on the blog. This concealer doesn’t crease up and it is very light weight on the skin and not heavy. The consistency feels really good. This concealer has vitamin c, green tea and mulberry for lifting and soothing benefits.


Wet n wild megaglo contouring palette – When I purchased this palette I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it because I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. This palette has been out for a while but I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it. Julia Havens on youtube raves about this on her channel so I gave in and I can see why she loves it. I have the shade Dulce De Leche and it is a perfect shade for me as a bronzer. I do not contour with it because I much prefer it as a bronzer. The highlight side I use as a setting powder and it is a perfect shade for me. The only two things I hate about this palette is 1, it is very powdery so you have to tap out the eccess and 2, it can be a little patchy and sometimes I have to blend for a while and make sure I use a good brush, which I use my eco tools powder brush to bronze up my face. I do want to purchase the shade caramel toffee as well but Target didn’t have it. I also love how silky the texture is when you swatch it.


Wet n wild 1 step wonder gel – I bought this nail polish at Target in the shade Coral support. I have been wearing this shade non-stop on my fingers and toes and get a lot of compliments on it. This shade is perfect for spring and summer. This polish dries fast and it doesn’t chip easily which is a plus.

I hope you all enjoy this post. Also thank you all for reading and supporting my blog.


Benefit cosmetics Review.


Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Eye Kit – I received this product as a prize from a blog and I’m excited because I know this is new and exclusive to Ulta. I love the colors in this kit. It has three double shadows which is a total of 6 shadows. They are all wearable and perfect for those everyday makeup looks and its easy to transition them to night time for a nice and sexy sultry eye look. They are very smooth shadows and easy to blend. The little sponge applicator is a nice touch but I don’t think I will be using it honestly. I prefer to use my makeup brushes.


The applicator was easy to use and maneuver. I started in the inner corner and moved my way out to the outer part of my eye. I love how easily it applied the shadow but I was afraid to add more shadow to it because I didn’t want to mix the colors on the lids.


Naughty neutral is what I applied on my lids.


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Shadow Primer – I love this eye shadow primer. It is so easy to apply and blend onto the lids. I first tried this when I purchased my Benefit advent calendar and I’ve been in love with this ever since. I love how it makes my shadow last all day even on those hot icky days. This primer doesn’t crease my eye shadow which is a big plus because I don’t want to worry about it creasing. I have two shades and both work well with my skin tone. I don’t think it matters which one you purchase because it really makes no difference. I also love to apply this under my eyes to keep my concealer in place. This isn’t oily at all so if you have oily or dry skin it will work well with you.



Benefit They’re Real Mascara – This mascara gives me great length which I always look for in a mascara. It brushes in easily to my lashes and spreads them really good. I love to use two coats of this or three depending on the look I’m going for. You can apply some throughout the day and not ruin your lashes as well. It doesn’t give me much fullness which I hate, I love my lashes to look very full.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Check out the products to see if you want to buy some for yourself or someone you know. I provided links for you all. Have a great week.

Remember to be confident and love yourself. ❤





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Wet N Wild Ultimate match, review.


Foundation is something I keep buying over and over again. I love trying out new ones because I’m constantly on the search for the perfect foundation because I have dry skin. Lately I ran out of my Too faced born this way foundation and this time I decided to purchase something affordable and one I can wear every single day and not have to worry about re-purchasing or wasting a pricy one. I found this foundation at my grocery store for only two dollars so I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. I’ve been testing out this foundation for a week now and for the price its been doing a nice job, at least in my opinion.


This foundation is so light-weight, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which I love. It’s a nice consistency and perfect for my dry skin.

This foundation is light to medium coverage. Like the name of the foundation Ultimate match, it really sinks and blends into your skin. It looks like your skin but better. Once you have it on, it looks like I have nothing on and doesn’t leave me any dry patches either.

This foundation starts fading after five hours but I don’t mind fixing it with some powder throughout the day and it doesn’t crease under my eyes. Also if you are one of those people who loves to apply foundation powder over your liquid foundation like me, it won’t look cakey on you.

I apply this foundation with my Tarte airbrush foundation brush because it applies on better and with my damped beauty blender it applies super sheer. I didn’t like it with the beauty blender dry either because I feel like the sponge sucks in all the product for this foundation, maybe because its very light-weight.

The good thing about this foundation is that it will protect your skin from the sun because it has SPF 15, the downside is, it smells like sunscreen which I don’t mind one bit. It’s not a over-powering smell.

If you have any questions about this Wet N Wild, Ultimate match foundation let me know.




Jenn Im x ColourPop


Well first of all, let me just say I almost didn’t receive this package and I was bummed for a whole day and a half. I was tracking this package and the email said it was delivered to my door and it wasn’t there and I was looking like crazy for it, even behind the bushes. Long story short, it was delivered to different house and luckily that person was kind enough to bring it to my home the next day, at that point I was very thankful that their is still kind people out there. I was excited when I heard Jenn was collaborating with ColourPop. If you ain’t familiar with Jenn, she is a Youtuber and her videos are mainly about fashion but, she really is my favorite and I’m so happy that she had this opportunity. You can find her channel at Clothesencounters. She even has a App that I did download, you should check it out, its free and fun. This collection is so beautiful and all the colors are very wearable and perfect for everyday, at least for me. I hope you all enjoy this post and have a great weekend.


Dohee – A mid tone warm coral. This color looks different with every skin tone, I love to layer to coats of this. I really recommend you put on some lip balm before because this ultra satin liquid lipstick is a little drying. Now this did last all day on my lips, so that’s a plus on my book.20160603-972428725


Jenneration X – A bright true orange with a hint of red. This color is so pretty and perfect for summer. This a color that will look so cute on everyone. Like the other lip product, this is very matte and also recommend you add some lip balm before applying this. This color is very  pigmented and will last long as well.



Birthday Boy – A limited edition eye shadow that I got for free with my order and it is very pretty and I already know I will be using this color everyday. I love this color because its shimmery and perfect for all over the lid and adorable for minimal makeup looks.



Trois – A nice Bick red color with a brownish tone to it. Its a satin finish and I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it during the fall time, this color will be perfect on the crease or outer v area. Or if you are a one color type of girl then this would be perfect for you, just make sure to blend out the edges.



Quatre – A dark brown with a matte finish. This color is very pigmented and its going to be perfect for a Smokey eye.



Un –  A pretty white champagne color with some sparkle. Its a metallic finish. Its a light color but perfect for the inner comer of your eyes.



Deux – A warm brown in a satin finish. This color reminds me of fall and cinnamon. To me this color is perfect for summer as well. It will look pretty with the color trois.