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Ok, I think I found one of the best affordable drugstore foundations and I’m happy with this purchase. I saw this foundation a few times when I would go to Target but I always hesitated to buy it because everytime I purchase a drugstore foundation, I always end up hating it. I’m not sure exactly how old is this foundation but I’m happy I finally have it in my hands, (wish I didn’t hesitate a while back) This foundation doesn’t get enough recognition on Youtube, instagram, etc. This is definetely a hidden gem at the drugstore and everyone must know about it which is why I’m sharing this with you all. When I watched Drugstore Maven video, I was like ok, I’m going to buy the foundation next time I visit Target, two months later I bought it, HA!I hope you all enjoy this post and my thoughts on this amazing foundation.


The consistency of this Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation feels good on the skin. It’s not heavy on the skin, feels light-weight, smells good and guess what? It doesn’t crease up under my eyes or smile lines around my mouth, (phew) I really hate foundations that crease up on me.


Now I decided to take photos of step by step on how it looks and how I applied it. First of, it blends into the skin so beautiful, I’m guessing it’s because of the comfort serum in it which in my case, serums are for making your skin look good and youthful. I tested this foundation A LOT with no setting powder, with setting powder, primer and no primer. It worked well both ways and lasted all day, I even slept with it (ahh i know, dont kill me) but I wanted to see if it would last all day and night and it did, my skin looked very glowy and perfect when I woke up.

1. I exfoliated my skin with the St. Ives apricot scrub and applied the Cetaphil moisturizer after to have a nice, clean smooth face.

2. I applied my foundation with a damp Real techniques miracle complexion sponge and I felt like this technique applied more full coverage than my buffing brush.

3. Once everything was blended in. This foundation is full coverage and I think it covered up my dark circles pretty well but I could’ve gone with another layer. Also it doesn’t leave any dry patches on my skin, it just leaves you a nice glowy look. This foundation is perfect for dry and combination skin.

4. Completed makeup look with my bronzer, blush, etc.


When I recommended this foundation to my sister, I believe it was the following day she sent me a photo of this clip from her People Style Watch magazine. I actually love how Kim Kardashian West loves this because her makeup always looks so good.

Trust me, all of you will love this foundation. The only negative I have to say about this foundation is that it only comes in 6 shades, (bummer I know).

I hope you all enjoy this post. Have any of you tried this foundation? Have a great weekend.

P.S. I would love to do a giveaway soon but need help with ideas on the prizes, please let me know down below.