Affordable eye shadow palette.


Hi everyone! It’s been a while and I really missed blogging. Today I want to share this super affordable eye shadow palette with you all. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on this Palette and I finally decided to buy it. Most reviews I read are really positive ones honestly and the only thing people don’t like about this Palette is the fall out. I have to agree, it has a lot of fall out which I really don’t mind at all just tap the excess off.


This palette swatches very nice especially when you pick up a eye brush. They blend perfectly and easily. This palette reminds me of the elf mad for plaid 2, the colors are very similar and it’s also super affordable.

This Wet N Wild palette is just as good as a high end one you buy at Sephora or Ulta. I really recommend this Palette to anyone, I have yet to try the other shades. How do you all few about this Palette?


I’ve had this Palette for two weeks now and the other day I wore this on a hot day and it lasted all day on my eyes and I didn’t add any eye primer. I was sweating and none of it budged. Nothing but good feedback on this beauty. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Let me know if any of tried it or the other shades.

Would you love to read a blog post on some of my favorite wet n wild products that are just as good as the palette? Let me know. 💜


Wet n wild Photo Focus Review


Today I want to talk about this Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this specific foundation. My twin sister recommended this to me and she loves it. I purchased it at Wal-mart for $4.68 and for the price this foundation is so good.


The formula is very lightweight. It is very easy to blend onto my skin. (I have combination skin by the wayway.) If you want to know how I prep my skin before I apply foundation let me know and I will do a blog post on it.

The foundation claims to be your skin but better. It also claims that when you take a flash photo it won’t leave you a white cast and it was tested under 7 different lights. I tried it with flash photography and I didn’t get a white cast.

This foundation in my opinion is medium to full coverage and it is buildable. On my face it lasts to about 11 to 12 hours and it starts rubbing off my nose but that’s expected from me because my nose tends to get oily.


I’m so glad I was having a bad skin day for this post because now you can see how good this foundation is. It covered mostly all my redness, dark spots, etc. This was with one layer of foundation and I applied it with my maybelline sponge, damped. Like the claim said, like your skin only better and I believe because look at the picture above, it gave me a flawless, even-toned finish.


Last picture is when my makeup is all done. I didn’t apply any concealer because I wanted to see if the foundation would crease up, it did. The side I didn’t apply setting powder to, ended up creasing after an hour. Overall I love this foundation. It lasted pretty long with and without setting powder. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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Current favorites.


Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about my current favorites that I think all of you will enjoy. I have been using these three products for about a month trying to get a good use out of them so I can really explain how they really work. All these three products are really good and definitely will be re-purchasing.


E.l.f HD lifting concealer – This concealer is so good and it is only $3. Now the only negative I have about this product is that it only comes in three shades. I bought the lightest one in the shade light and as seen above it is a little dark for my skin tone. I still tested this product out and once I apllied it, it actually blended into my skin really well and covered up my dark circles. This concealer claims to minimize your fine lines and uplifts your under eye area which I totally agree, when I applied this I instantly saw my eyes look more open and youthful looking. I wish I took before and after pictures but if you want to see a photo let me know and I will post a picture on instagram or here on the blog. This concealer doesn’t crease up and it is very light weight on the skin and not heavy. The consistency feels really good. This concealer has vitamin c, green tea and mulberry for lifting and soothing benefits.


Wet n wild megaglo contouring palette – When I purchased this palette I wasn’t sure if I was going to love it because I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. This palette has been out for a while but I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it. Julia Havens on youtube raves about this on her channel so I gave in and I can see why she loves it. I have the shade Dulce De Leche and it is a perfect shade for me as a bronzer. I do not contour with it because I much prefer it as a bronzer. The highlight side I use as a setting powder and it is a perfect shade for me. The only two things I hate about this palette is 1, it is very powdery so you have to tap out the eccess and 2, it can be a little patchy and sometimes I have to blend for a while and make sure I use a good brush, which I use my eco tools powder brush to bronze up my face. I do want to purchase the shade caramel toffee as well but Target didn’t have it. I also love how silky the texture is when you swatch it.


Wet n wild 1 step wonder gel – I bought this nail polish at Target in the shade Coral support. I have been wearing this shade non-stop on my fingers and toes and get a lot of compliments on it. This shade is perfect for spring and summer. This polish dries fast and it doesn’t chip easily which is a plus.

I hope you all enjoy this post. Also thank you all for reading and supporting my blog.

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Wet N Wild Ultimate match, review.


Foundation is something I keep buying over and over again. I love trying out new ones because I’m constantly on the search for the perfect foundation because I have dry skin. Lately I ran out of my Too faced born this way foundation and this time I decided to purchase something affordable and one I can wear every single day and not have to worry about re-purchasing or wasting a pricy one. I found this foundation at my grocery store for only two dollars so I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. I’ve been testing out this foundation for a week now and for the price its been doing a nice job, at least in my opinion.


This foundation is so light-weight, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which I love. It’s a nice consistency and perfect for my dry skin.

This foundation is light to medium coverage. Like the name of the foundation Ultimate match, it really sinks and blends into your skin. It looks like your skin but better. Once you have it on, it looks like I have nothing on and doesn’t leave me any dry patches either.

This foundation starts fading after five hours but I don’t mind fixing it with some powder throughout the day and it doesn’t crease under my eyes. Also if you are one of those people who loves to apply foundation powder over your liquid foundation like me, it won’t look cakey on you.

I apply this foundation with my Tarte airbrush foundation brush because it applies on better and with my damped beauty blender it applies super sheer. I didn’t like it with the beauty blender dry either because I feel like the sponge sucks in all the product for this foundation, maybe because its very light-weight.

The good thing about this foundation is that it will protect your skin from the sun because it has SPF 15, the downside is, it smells like sunscreen which I don’t mind one bit. It’s not a over-powering smell.

If you have any questions about this Wet N Wild, Ultimate match foundation let me know.




Current favorites/mini review.


I’m not very picky when it comes to makeup, I will try anything. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a new foundation, (like always) and a new poreless primer. I’ve been using the it cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder and I didn’t end up liking it for my pores because it didn’t cover enough but it did make the rest of skin look more alive, (anti-Aging as well) I thought I liked it but I noticed that it started to wear off even with my setting spray on which was so annoying. I went to target recently and saw this pore primer and I thought I would try it out since the packaging said it was new. Also I decided to try the foundation as well. So here is my little review on this. I also would love it if you let me know what e.l.f products you love and recommend.


Ok, I’m in love with this pore primer and I’m so glad I purchased it. This works as good as the Porefessional by Benefit. I love the porefessional but it was too expensive. This e.l.f. pore primer is super affordable compared to others. This also smells like Vicks vapor rub which I don’t really mind it but its not super strong like the Vicks, I promise. Once you apply it the smell wears off and its also a very smooth, soft texture. This lasted on my skin all day, even through my workout. This really does its job. I purchased mine at Target which I couldn’t find a link, but I did find it in the e.l.f. website.


When I first pumped this foundation, it automatically reminded me of my BareMinerals BareSkin foundation. Its very light-weight and liquid-y, it is a serum after all. This foundation is light to medium coverage but very buildable. This did last on my skin all day even through the warm days we’ve been having here in San Francisco. I really love this foundation for my casual days, running errands and don’t want a lot of coverage. I have combination skin and this really absorbed well on my skin and didn’t flake on my T-zone area and around my nose and I love using it with my real techniques blending sponge, but I do recommend using a setting powder for this foundation under your eyes if you don’t like to wear concealer. You can find it here. I’m in the shade fair/light.


No doubt, this is my all time, number one favorite bronzer EVER! Wet n wild did amazing with this product. I’ve re-purchased this bronzer so many times, I always go back to it. I love how warm it makes my skin look. It really does look like I’ve been out in the sun all day. This is a nice warm looking bronzer and it does not make you look orange, just tanned. Its very natural looking and this is why I love it. I purchased mine at target like always. I love the smell of this bronzer, don’t know why but I do. If you love that natural bronzed look, I highly recommend this to anyone. This is in the color Ticket to Brazil.